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0:15 Abilities
0:25 (P) Headshot
1:24 (1) Piltover Peacemaker
2:13 (2) Yordle Snap Trap
2:42 (3) 90 Caliber Net
3:16 (Ult) Ace in the Hole
3:42 Question of the day
3:55 Champion Purpose
6:27 Purpose in team fights
8:40 How to pilot an ADC
10:08 Champion mechanics
10:46 Good Items
12:13 Conclusion
12:27 Outro

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  1. Just realized wild rift has reach 1 year at the time of its launch.

    QOTD : hope im still alive for another years to play all champs in wild rift

  2. This game has a ot of issues. Afks, troller, feeder, what the fuck! Riot's matchmaking is always trash. It's like unfair. No matter how good player you are, if riot has this fucking shit matchmaking, then you would not enjoy the game. That's why I uninstall this fucking game.

  3. Qotd:braum hey don't forget me I will protect my adc as long as i can,you can't burst me you idiot rengar and Evelyn will longer to hurt may adc or kill me first…support main.

  4. Im an assassin main.

    A quick tip for adcs in the comments, if your positioning is right, you're not over extending without vision, any assassin will have a hard time getting to you. Stay in the back line, farm your early game and wait patiently. Get stasis as soon as u can once you see the enemy assassin hits lvl 5 to avoid any miscalculated consequences.

  5. QOTD:kha zix or rengar. If I'm alone in Lane for even one second I can get jumped and killed instantly

  6. QOTD: Thresh is tough to deal with in Dragon Lane bc he can throw his lantern to the jungler for early ganks makes it hard to predict.

  7. The appearance of Caitlyn strongly emphasizes that we need Dark Harvest on Wild Rift. Ooh, and also Lethal Tempo.

  8. QOTD: blitzcrank even on how big of a lead you get getting hooked at a teamfight can turn the whole game around.


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