M1 Mac Mini: First Impressions for Music Production

From the perspective of someone who (mostly) uses Windows! Let me know if there are any specific tests or plugins you want me to test with my M1 Mac Mini. I will be uploading a video regarding plugin compatibility soon to show what is working.

Disable Mouse Acceleration: https://www.reddit.com/r/apple/comments/aqsh1y/how_i_dealt_with_apples_mouse_acceleration/
Disable Font Smoothing: https://www.macrumors.com/how-to/disable-font-smoothing-in-macos-big-sur/
BetterSnapTool: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/bettersnaptool/id417375580

My Working Plug-Ins (so far):
EastWest PLAY: Symphonic Orchestra Gold
Infected Mushroom Wider
Izotope: Ozone 9, Neutron 3 Elements, Nectar Elements, VocalSynth 2
Kontakt: GGD Modern and Massive, The Gentleman, Noire, Spitfire Albion ONE
ML Sound Lab: Stevie T
Native Instruments: RAUM, Supercharger
Neural DSP: Archetype Plini, Parallax
Sausage Fattener (this plugin works on PowerPC, x86, AND Apple Silicon!!)
Slate Digital: Fresh Air
Soundtoys: LittleAlterBoy, Little Plate
Voxengo SPAN
Waves: Vocal Bundle V9, H-Comp V10, Waves Tune
Youlean Loudness Meter 2
0:00 Intro
0:21 Previous Computers
1:31 My M1 Mac Mini!
1:58 Petty macOS Complaints
4:25 Things I Love
6:18 PC Comparisons
8:14 Conclusions .

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  1. Great video, thanks!, enjoy your approach. Unrelated, slightly, perhaps, but how do you find the Kalis overall. Am in the market for a pair of studio monitors, hence. Thanks again.

  2. I can’t really understand how could you have a problem with Mac OS , because windows is pure garbage! My opinion…..I have both Mac and Pc.and I much rather use the Mac for my music. Production. Thanks for the review.

  3. I was thinking of getting the 8gb model due to price. Would it be ok for recording garageband/logic? I only do recordings for like a hobbie, not serious and would use about 6-8 tracks per song. Would it be enough?

  4. Am considering going from a desktop pc that I’ve invested quite a bit into , to Mac mini…just in the hopes the glitchy, crackly, random and unexplainable issues go away. A few questions…can I utilize both of my 34” ultra wide monitors with the Mac mini? If so, can it accept two DisplayPort connections from those monitors? Imatotal newb with a macs architecture / OS , other than my iPhone …btw, I also have and like those Kali6.5 monitors, in white as well. I’m hoping the audio recording experience improves without all the issues.I’m a little hesitant to give up my pc for certain things though so maybe invest in a kvm switch

  5. Shout out to the pettiness warning.

    I'm a new macOS user and your comments about mouse acceleration, the lack of snapping and rounding on elements are all so on point. The animations too when your moving around the system like the genie animations of things opening is very tacking when I click something I don't want animations, i want it open.

  6. Could you please demonstrate an orchestral project performance on Ableton, mac mini with a lot of orchestral plugins(spitfire……)

  7. Hi I am a blind music producer and I use voice over as the screen reader and this is going to be my first ever mac.
    I just want to know if voice over works with a windows keyboard for the commands.
    And also what monitor would you recommend for the m1 Mac mini

  8. I’m about to replace an old built Win PC for music production (Ableton) film editing/graphics. Started out on Macs back in the day, but grew to detest the Apple closed ecosystem and planned obsolescence.. Now I’m considering a M1 Mac / iMac for OS tidiness and things just running smoothly vs building a super PC for less money. How future proof are these new M1’s ? Are there good Windows alternatives to the Mac mini?

  9. Great video. I also use GGD and Neural DSP (which I saw you’ve successfully used). Can you recommend a decent but budget friend small midi Keyboard that js compatible? I am doing a Plini meets Pink Floyd style project next and want to start incorporating some keys. I’m afraid of buying something that won’t be compatible. Thanks for your time

  10. Ah yes, finally a video I can relate to. Long time Windows user switching to a Mac mini for music purposes. On that note, why do people bother with MacBooks for music production? I don't get it, they cost 30% more for a smaller screen, less ports and the exact same specs!!

  11. Had one and returned due to problems waking monitor from sleep and unable to function with the audio interface.

  12. Been loving the informative videos man! It's been extremely helpful for me. I'm also a long-time desktop PC user migrating to an M1 Mac for music production. Funny enough, I bought a refurbished M1 Mac Mini with the exact same specs as yours. So your experience with using the M1 Mac Mini specifically for Ableton + all of the plugin compatibility has been immensely useful. Thanks!

  13. Kudos on th ewhite Kali LP6s.
    I went with the LP8s, and honestly? They are too big for my room! LMAO!
    great vid man! Liked, subbed, and bell rung!

  14. He doesn't talk about music production til the end. Just skip to the end. He just bitches about stupid crap like fonts for quite some time.

  15. if you play some Virtual instruments as a test Okay but I have Apple too n 1 16 GB 2 Tera The problem is that after the twentieth Virtual instrument the computer has problems when opening a project where there are 20 to 30 Virtual instrument many instruments do not load you have to open for example Contact where there is the instrument play the instrument and after Activate the track there is still a lot to do you must absolutely use logic under Rosetta and all the Virtual Instruments but this takes away capacity to the computer to be able to make calculations more instantaneously until there is the possibility that the Virtual Instruments are native there will always be these problems and certainly it is much better to work with Intel until all this ends so no matter the power 'emme one but what compatibility with the rest thanks

  16. Thanks for the links in the description … i didn’t know fixing these mac annoyances was possible!

  17. Hi. So i'm thinking on buying a Mac Mini M1 for using Ableton live 10, but I'm not sure if it'll be the right choice since I don't know if any of my go-to plugins are available on that system, these are the plugins I intend to use: U-he Tyrell n6, PG 8X, Surge, Valhalla vintage reverb, Izotope Vinyl, Spitfire Audio Labs, Wider, Serum. Has someone had experiences with any of these plugins on a M1 Mac so far? Also i've read that the best way to do it is by using Rosetta 2, but i've read that Rosetta can damage the ssd of an M1 so i don't know what to do. Also idk if the compatibility problems have to be with m1 or the OS big sur. Any help would be appreciated

  18. I had same mouse problem with same Mac Mini M1 and Magic Mouse. Went to Logitech usb mouse which works fine.

  19. Please tell me that UMC1820 interface works fine with the M1 Mac Mini and Ableton Live (or Bitwig).

  20. I think it's a mac mini thing… have a 2018 Mac Mini with a Bluetooth 3rd party keyboard and mouse and the Bluetooth is dookie..

  21. Hey, the sound on this vid its kind odd to me, i usually listen to utube with 30% volume, but this one only became clear at 50% =)

  22. Great video! Very useful info.

    BTW I jump between Windows and MacOS all the time and I’m SO glad window snapping is not the same on Mac. To me it’s one of the most annoying features of windows!

  23. Strangely most impressed about you shooting this video on your iPhone :). Looks great. Your nitpicks on the mac were not about the mac though. All about MacOS really. I guess that's a good sign if you like MacOS as is – no bad notes on the actual hardware.

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