TOP 5 Champs to CLIMB to DIAMOND in Wild Rift (Patch 2.4D – LoL Mobile)

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  1. Currently in Gold 1 and started climbing from Bronze with Miss Fortune this week. Also currently ranked top 4.5% percent in the server. Please add her to a video? She’s never in any of these.

  2. QOTD: Camille I fall in love with her playstyle, i like champions with mobility and high damage, I manage to climb with her to emerald in first season.

  3. QOTD : i immedietly learnt Yasuo , it took me a few months to get used to his mechanics especially his dashes , now im better . still hard stuck in Plat III because of feeders and toxicity . Even met some wintraders . sadly .

  4. QOTD: Seraphine. Shes easy to learn, providing good cc and good teamfight potential, perfect to my aoe cc poke mage aka my fav type of champ

  5. QOTD: Master Yi. I believe he was one of the champs shown in the tutorial, so I took a look at his kit and since most of it is abilities that act as buffs, I decided to main him first

  6. QOTD: Master Yi. I believe he was one of the champs shown in the tutorial, so I took a look at his kit and since most of it is abilities that act as buffs, I decided to main him first

  7. QOTD: AURELION SOL. The design is super cool and I like the colouring of it. I know it's kinds of tricky to play it, but when u know when to engage and how to roam properly, it's a BEAST.

  8. QOTD: ZED. It surprised me, a ninja? Shadows? Like man this is my thing, and surprisingly it is easy for me

  9. QOTD: Akali. I always wanted to learn the combos of Akali. So when Wild Rift came out, of course I wanted to buy Akali. Now I'm Mastery rank 4 with her and now aiming for Rank 5. (NOTE: I also learned Kha'zix along the way and now, I am Mastery Rank 5 with him. He's so fun to play as.)

  10. QOTD: Annie. She is really fun to play with her burst. The last time I played league (2019:( ), Annie still has my highest champ points. I even learn to counter Lux, Zed, Fizz, Ori, Brand on mid

  11. QOTD: Garen, played him once, realize how easy and op he is back then, climbed all the way to plat

    By the way guys time to roast again

  12. QOTD: This one goes to Fiora. At the very beginning, I just kinda spam picked Jinx since she was the first champ I got, but I didn't really learn how to use her. Then I bought Twisted Fate, saw that he was a mage, and instantly picked someone else (I got spooked at the thought of playing a mage, lol.) Then I decided to try Fiora, as the only lane I never played at the time was Baron lane. Unfortunately I no longer play as her much anyone as my interests have gone back to Twisted Fate in mid, along with playing support.

  13. QOTD: Yasuo i wanted to master him cause his meme and wanted to prove everyone wrong by carrying instead. Once i picked him up i basicallg just won lane everytime

  14. QOTD: Ashe, simply I love her passive slow and her Ult is very important especially in clash but Akshan is my new main amd favorite champ

  15. QOTD: my first champion is master Yi because master YI's first ability can be a savior if supports do cc to master Yi and his ult is so op that his Ms and as is doubled and every takedowns it extends more so that is why my fave champ before rengar us master Yi

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