China’s Power Crisis Threatens to Delay Apple Gadgets, Other Goods | WSJ

China’s electricity shortages have hit factories that produce a lot of the goods we use every day, including Apple gadgets and furniture. The country’s coal problems expose the growing pains in transitioning to a greener future and risks to the global supply chain. Photo composite: Sharon Shi

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  1. That’s what happens when everyone is greedy and took their businesses to China! Trump warned everyone and you called him racist. Now you pay the price

  2. A lot of people maybe 95% of you guys have no idea what China's power cut was about. China as the factory of the world, if the cost of production rise, exporters have two options either raise consumer export prices or cut productions. China chose to cut production because they don't want to absorb the inflation which was created by US massive printing press. So sometimes you have to look beneath the surface a little bit more.

  3. Oh no, we will have to survive without the latest overpriced iPhone 😱 will the human race cease to exist?

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  5. Take these Wallstreet people who sold out American interests for corrupt personal profits, and set them on fire.

  6. lol do people even know that only 2% of china's coal usage was from aus.
    people make it seem like china was only dependant on aus.

  7. And this is why we shouldn't have offshored our jobs we shouldn't have offshore our factories because now we're so relied on China but yet we don't like China for some reason but we have to rely on them to make all of our goods for us why not bring those jobs back home and actually pay us

  8. I love spending $1200 to $1400 every six months for the latest Apple Phone, and at least $3000 to upgrade my Mac Pro.

  9. So the takeaway about this report for the vast majority of ppl in the comment section is… the darn flag!?😒

  10. 4:25 Cooperation yeh?

    This same thing goes on in North Korea, Venezuela, Russia, Afghanistan and most of the Middle East say Iran, to name a few!

    But these countries don't get such "Cooperation" from USA or any other country.

    I guess Democracy understands Economics far better than average Joe.

  11. Apple is the most valuable company in the world worth over $2 trillion. Our society would collapse without apple products. this is exemplary reporting from WSJ

  12. Why it is totally normal for companies in US to follow the law or policies, and suddenly, everything the policy comes from the Chinese government is evil and the cause of inconvenience to the US or western media! 只许州官放火,不许百姓点灯!

  13. ⚫️I now try to listen to news about China with strictly facts, I try ignore any bias (➕Positive➕ or ➖Negative➖), and I attempt to be as neutral as possible.

    ⚫️My main bias against China stems from the rampant corruption & greed that seems to be endemic to Their country!!! If the greed & corruption has infiltrated China’s military industrial complex… then China is “&7+’3$”!!!‼️‼️‼️💯💯🖤

  14. Lol…. Apple is more important than empty shelves in USA and drastic inflation of essential goods… Oh my….

  15. they wanted to punish Australia for investigating the origin of the corona virus and this is the effect! its actually good news i dont want my stuff made in china! the ccp doesn't care about the environment

  16. China should suffer a lot as it has been responsible for the deaths of innocent's through its Covid19.

  17. OoOoOohHhH NOOOO China is having issues that are stopping them from taking over the world (**excuse me "attempting to"**) and we dont get iphones?!?! Yeah i hope they fckin run out of electricity. Hope they use the nukes they are hiding to make nuclear plants and then those plants go stupid

  18. Hee Hee Hee… China has no real intention to "meet it's climate goal". It is preparing it's economy for war.

  19. Price fixing electricity prices.. this just another example of Maoist style Marxist Communism destroying an economy and creating shortages of goods. It's going to get worse in China now that the dictator Xi is taking the county back to hard core Maoist communism/socialism. The shortages have just begun.

  20. You showed the flag of New Zealand when talking about Australia. The stars on the Australian flag are white and on the New Zealnad one they are pink.

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