iOS 12.4.9 iPhone 6 / 5s FULL REVIEW!

iOS 12.4.9 is out | ios 12.4.9 iPhone 6 & iPhone 5s review! IOS 12.4.9 is out! IOS 12.4.9 is the final iOS 12 firmware, so let’s see how iOS 12.4.9 performs on the iPhone 6 & iPhone 5s! The iPhone 6 & iPhone 5s is one of the oldest devices to still be supported by apple, and iOS 12.4.9 update shows that Apple still cares about the iPhone 6 & iPhone 5s’ security! iOS 12.4.9 doesn’t bring any new features to the iPhone 6 & iPhone 5s & iPhone 5s. This is due to iOS 12.4.9 being a security update, and no a full on features update, like with iOS 13, or a iOS 12.x firmware update.

iOS 12.4.9 however, does patch some vulerabilities. There is a chance iOS 12.4.9 Jailbreak is PATCHED with iOS 12.4.9, and some other exploits as well. If you aren’t plannining on Jailbreaking iOS 12.4.9, then the iOS 12.4.8 iPhone 6 & 5s seems very decent to update to. Otherwise, DON’T update to iOS 12.4.9 & STAY on iOS 12.4.8!

This is a full review of iOS 12.4.9 on iPhone 6 & iPhone 5s. Let’s see how the battery life on iOS 12.4.9 is on iPhone 6 & iPhone 5s, performance on iOS 12.4.9 iPhone 6 & iPhone 5s, multitasking & more, including new features & changes for iOS 12.4.9! Are you using the iPhone 6 & iPhone 5s or 5s on iOS 12.4.9? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Hi Saunders. I love your videos. You explain so well. I was hoping you could please help me with a new unc0ver issue. If you can please let me know in an “unc0ver issues” vide or just a comment reply:
    When I jailbroke somebody else’s phone (on their request) successfully (showed in pop up and “re-jailbreak,” Cydia did not install. I checked the settings and saw that the “refresh icon cache” and “reinstall cydia” buttons had turned themselves off (I DID turn them on before jailbreaking). I’ve tried countless times again, even rebooting my phone and restoring root fs fully, and the buttons still refuse to STAY ON!!!

    I tried this on my own phone, which is the exact same model and the other’s phone (iPhone 6, iOS 12.4.8).
    Before I tried it note that I had had cydia and tweaks installed before because I had already jailbroken successfully without running into this problem ONCE until now. But it seems this is a new issue that decided to pop up, because after I restored root fs and cydia and tweaks uninstalled, I was never able to get cydia and tweaks back again!!! Te button says “re-jailbreak,” but nothing is installed!!!
    When the “success. No error. Will reboot into jailbroken state” button popped up, I pressed the “view log” so I could check the settings. This is when I found out that the buttons TURN THEMSELVES OFF DURING THE JAILBREAK PROCESS!!!
    Could you please help me with this? I really want to jailbreak again. I’m sorry I sound dramatic and bratty; I’m just SO frustrated with unc0ver. And I don’t have a Mac, so I can’t use checkra1n.

  2. I don’t understanding iT really should i download iOS 12.4.9 and if I download is can I still game on it?

  3. Hi can i ask? my ios still in 12.5 can i have to update it or its okay to dont update? 😅 im just worried.

  4. I think the may try out to patch checkra1n with same way the did on iPhone 7 and up xD. Apple are so bad devs. A jailbreak team with about 4-20 devolpers can jailbreak the update after 2 days. Private they get r/W Access there self. But remember Apple has about 200 Security devs or way more I guess but anyways the jailbreak community hackers are able to exploit their work anyway

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