MUST HAVE iOS 14 Shortcuts – Best iOS 14 Siri Shortcuts 2020 !

iOS 14 shortcuts that you must have on your iOS 14 device. Best iOS 14 Siri shortcuts that you can get on iOS 14 in 2020 that are very useful as well.

15 must have iOS 14 shortcuts. Best shortcuts to get on the new iOS 14, you can use these shortcuts to preform different tasks on your iOS 14 device. To download these shortcuts check the pinned comment.

LINKS in the pinned comment.


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👉New Apps You Must Download:

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  1. let's just wait here so it should be done very soon so lets just wait here it should be done very very soon

  2. What’s the point of a shortcut if I have to go to an app to start it???

    Saying because I switched from android to iOS for the first time

  3. Hi can i just ask i am using ios 14 and my phone is iphone 8 but i think I deleted my shortcuts so how can i bring them back?

  4. I appreciate your hard work but I personally couldn’t watch the video because of the wet smacking mouth noises 😬😰

  5. can you have multiple of the same app? instagram added a secret feature for the app icon and i really want to have all of them on my screen. or can i only have one instagram app. (shortcut making multiple of the one app?)

  6. Can’t some one help me?? I have this problem with shortcut app, it won’t install directly from AppStore, it always says “unable so install “Shortcut” please, if someone knows how to fix this problem please tell me!! 💕💕

  7. Is the add to homescreen shortcut is like the icon themere shortcut? Wherein it will create you an shortcut icon to homescreen but when you click it it will directly go to the app instead of going to shortcut first then app

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