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00:47 How to activate scribble on iPad 01:51 Try handwriting 03:14 Activate scribble on iPad in all applications 05:25 Conclusions Have you installed the latest iPadOS 14 update and don’t know how to activate scribble on iPad? Have you seen other video tutorials of people using it and activating it easily and then you believe that scribble is not there for you? Do you think that scribble ipad in Italian does not exist? Do you believe that ipad scribble is not working? Quiet, Italian iPad scribble is also on your iPad if you have been able to upgrade to iPadOS 14 and have an Apple Pencil. Here are the links to buy them: iPad:
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There is only one small trick to enable iPad scribble. Let’s see how to do it together. How to activate scribble on iPad If like me, when you go to Settings – Apple Pencil you only find the item “Draw only with Apple Pencil” but you can’t find “write by hand”, don’t despair. As you know, scribble on iPad is not available in Italian but only in English, traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese and in the Chinese / English combination. So, to activate scribble in Italian you just have to go to Settings – General – Keyboard – Keyboards – Add new keyboard – English (US). This does not require you to type with an English virtual keyboard. In fact, you can very well use and keep the Italian keyboard active. After doing this step, returning to Settings – Apple Pencil you will find the item “write by hand” that you can now activate. Try to write by hand Under the item “write by hand” which activates scribble you will now also find the item “Try to write by hand”. By clicking on it you will be guided in what are the main functions for Apple Pencil after the process of activating scribble on iPad has been successful. Then you will be able to see and try out the scribble functions: The first function iPad shows you is to try and write any word by hand. He later shows you how to delete one or more words by simply swiping them. It also shows you how to select one or more words by drawing a line over it or making a circle around what you want to select. Another important function is to insert a word within a sentence: you just need to hold Apple Pencil where you want to write and then start writing. Finally, the last function it shows you is the division or joining of words by drawing a simple vertical line where you want. Enable Scribble on iPad in All Applications Handwriting is now enabled in all iPad apps. You can browse safari and write the link or search term. You can take notes in your notes and turn them into digital text. You can also use it on pages and numbers or on all the applications you want. Conclusion Handwriting (scribble) is indeed a very important new feature of iPadOS 14. Unfortunately, since it is not supported in Italian, it will have difficulty recognizing many terms in Italian, especially if you write in italics. So to write large notes I recommend using other apps like Nebo which are more powerful and functional. If the topic interests you let me know in the comments below and I’ll make you a new tutorial article on Nebo. But it is still a useful function for selecting words or for taking notes quickly. Hi thanks for your attention. I hope this article of mine was useful to you. #iPad #scribble #applepencil #handwriting #apple # ipados14.

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  1. Grazie!!!
    l'italiano però non lo converte bene. 
    Speriamo che alla apple si ricordino che noi siamo tra i più grandi consumatori di "mele"

  2. Ciao Marcello e grazie 😊 sì, Nebo sarebbe interessante😊 ma anche un tutorial su un'app di scrittura musicale, che converta il manoscritto in stampato. Anch'io sono un musicista ed ho comprato l'ipad da pochissimi giorni. 😊

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