Mac Pro VS 16" Macbook Pro M1 Max! HOLY SMOKES!

Apple’s silicon is putting Intel to shame. In this compare of the new 16-Inch MacBook Pro, I pit it against my 2019 Mac Pro with the Intel Xeon W processor. I show you port differentiation, specs, and some real-world benchmarks including an insane video export test!

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Chapters ➡
0:00 Intro
0:56 What we’re comparing
3:03 Port options
4:59 Benchmarks
7:42 Expansion possibilities

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  1. all the power is for nothing if you dont have a proper SW, I mean if you cannot run an adult CAD software like Catia or Creo or Solidworks …. what a shame

  2. The New M1 Mac Pro IS GOING TO BE INSANE'' And Was So Close To Buying The Intel Mac Pro So Glad i Did Not

  3. The MacBook Pro has 3 thunderbolt 4 ports. I think u said 4. Very good review. Crazy how fast the entry level Max is. Glad I made same purchase as u🙂 crazy performance per dollar ratio.

  4. IMPORTANT TO KNOW: In fact is that Apple sell Devices define it self as PRO Devices but limited Pro users how they can work with them! I'm very disappointed about that, that i uses a new 2021 MacBook Pro 16 M1 MAX and a 32" Apple Display XDR (6K Display) but can not uses 4k in normal OR HiDPI on basic Systemmenü configuration! That absolutely nothing todo with Pro Device! When Apple will limited things like that they have to sell this as a endcustomer NORMAL Device not as PRO Device. Without Betterdummy there is NO way that i can use 4k in HiDPI with these Devices. Also without additional Software it also perhaps NOT possible to set 4k!! I can not believe in this but its reality…

  5. So I picked up Mac Pro 8 core with W5700 and 96GB of RAM for $5200. Not an uncommon price. I sold my MPX card for $700 and bought 28 core CPU for $1300. I bought additional 96GB of RAM and Vega duo MPX (64GB) for $3050. So I'm up to $9300 for the supposed $20K+ desktop. I can actually configure with my own storage and goodies, and it smokes this laptop in most every real benchmark except single core Multi core is 20,969, metal score 101427 BTW. Yes, it is still more $$$ than the laptop, but not extreme with a little DIY – which is precisely what makes the desktop so awesome.

  6. I feel for the people who spent $10,000 for that Mac Pro. Who knows maybe there'll be a module for an M1 Max chip to slide into there? Then again I have no idea how ARM based architecture could coexist in that system.

  7. So regardless of the apple silicon efficiency or the apple tax even the maxed out m1 max macbook pro cant beat a maxed out mac pro in everything…in some things the m1 max smokes the mac pro but in grunt muscle n the expense of power, destroys even the m1 max lol

  8. Maxed out mac pro is about 65k with the highest options ,maxed out m1 max mscbook pro is about 6600

  9. I hate the M1 Max, it gives me no excuse to talk to the Starbucks clerk for a while longer. I couldn't tell my boss that the output would take some time.

  10. You can upgrade your CPU in the Mac Pro, It will void your warranty but you can definitely upgrade your CPU in the Mac Pro 7, 1, Your spec’s on your 7,1 is weak to begin with 580x? At least opt for a Vega 2 or go aftermarket, The next Mac Pro might run circles on the MacBook pro’s, I’m waiting to see what alder lake laptops can do before I make a purchase

  11. From this point of view, Apple has killed the Mac Pro by their own development of their CPUs, because if they develop the next Mac Pro with the M1 Max, it won't take that long until they release the successor of their M1 Max, which in turn will beat the successor of the current Mac Pro. Most likely, if Apple keeps their current order of release, people will just skip the Mac Pro and go for the cheaper, more powerful Macbook, iMac, or Mac mini. Because the CPU is the only thing you can't even upgrade in a Mac Pro.🤣

  12. Imagine what the M2 max will be like! Or the new Mac Pro with four M2 Max processors with 128gpu cores we live in interesting times

  13. You can update the CPU in the Mac Pro, I did it. I purchased the 8 Core Mac Pro variant and than installed a 28 Core Intel Xeon W-3275M that I purchased off of eBay for less than a grand. It worked beautifully. I also purchased, installed 256GB of RAM and a Radeon VII Pro (before the GPU shortage).

  14. you totally can upgrade your mac pro 2019 cpu, I upgraded mine from a 12 core to the max 28 core.

  15. My new M1 Max 16” MacBook Pro is running circles around my $8000 iMac Pro. Just insane. Yeah, I can’t upgrade it, but it does it really need an upgrade? It’s faster than a machine twice its price. Should last a few years without becoming obsolete.

  16. How pissed do you think the majority of Mac Pro buyers are, who are still paying large monthly payments, over the price/performance of the Macbook M1 Max?

  17. You can replace your storage system in the Mac Pro with Qnap or Synology NAS and export from the new MacBook.

  18. Of course cpu is upgradable for the Mac Pro. The Xeon w3275 – 28 cores is only $2k at ebay. At this point I cant understand why would anyone still use an 8 core. You can get 16 cores for $600 bucks. Also you can use third party GPUS which should be cheaper. You're just misinformed or maybe trying to be misleading.


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