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  1. For those who don't know yet, League of Legends (Mobile) has been under development for a year now. It's a real thing happening, it's confirmed. Also they made a close beta test for available 500 players with gold rank above on pc version.

  2. Anyone coming back to this video. This game has been announced now. And it’s coming to move and consoles

  3. Oh my god! This is what I'm waiting for so long! Please release this in PH server, so we can all dump together ML that has poor graphics and very bad connection.

  4. I hope they have auto ban for ML toxic players who r willing to play our game… Im sure u guys thinking about the toxic fiends in ML who will.play this game as if they know how to exactly play the game..

  5. i know leagu has a flash combo every champ so i think (also i hope)they add a chain of skill which is u can only drag ur finger (an option)which u modify before match or in settings for example on yasuo

    after casting on E it has option pop up that casting his Q (this combo can easily activate his E,Q combo)

    thats only my opinion

  6. For those yasuomain out there, I have a recommendation on his E mechanic, shud be ez.
    First they can make his E to dash on the nearest target he is FACING, so we won't have drag and drop on his E, and during his E press Q for an EQ.

    About the beyblade, I hope flash is instant when you press it and flashes to the direction you're facing. Then we can face a minion, E and Q then move joystick to direction you wanna flash to, and boom u made a beyblade.

    I'm not so sure bout air blade though.
    Please pin or like so ppl can see this, and I hope riot can see it so trashuo mains can enjoy playing this champ

  7. Wooooah!…sana ung existing garena account pede gamitin dto or i swap at bigyan ng libreng heroes…gaya ng palit dota account noon sa lol.mag ingay sa mga lol gamers jan.

  8. Cant decide if i still stick on aov or lol?? But the mechanic and ui and everything on aov is beast i hope lol mobile too


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