What should I do if my iPhone iPhone signal is not good? Don’t worry, these methods will help you.

Speaking of Apple’s iPhone, I believe many people are no strangers. Many people have heard of the name of this mobile phone even if they have not used Apple’s iPhone. Even though the iPhone is being squandered by many people, it has become less and less. What is innovative, but there is no doubt that Apple’s mobile phone is still one of the most popular mobile phones in the world, but we all know that the iPhone is not without its own shortcomings. The mobile phone signal is the big one of Apple’s current iPhone. Disadvantages, because Apple chooses Intel’s baseband among its new models, so the signal is not good, then let’s take a look at how to ease this situation.

The first and easiest way to solve the bad signal on our iPhone is to restart our mobile phone, because when we restart our mobile phone, the baseband in the mobile phone will restart and then search for the surrounding signals. In this way, after re-searching the signal, the problem that our mobile phone signal is not good will be temporarily solved. Of course, if you restart the reverse mobile phone, you can use the flight mode in the mobile phone instead of the mobile phone to restart, but this method can only temporarily Sexually solve the problem that our mobile phone signal is not good, because after all, the reason why the current iPhone signal is not good is because of the baseband.

The second method is to set up a single card use mode in our iPhone. I have to say that the iPhone is not a domestic mobile phone in China, so the technology of dual card dual standby is really not comparable to ours. The domestic mobile phone, so when we set a single card usage mode in the iPhone, we will find that the signal when the mobile phone is used is better than the dual card, so when we use the current iPhone It is best not to use it as a dual card dual standby mobile phone.

The last method is to update our ios system. Apple naturally finds out that the current iPhone signal is not good. So in the system update of ios, I want to make up for this, so we can pass Update our ios system to see if it can fix the bad signal. Of course, the best news is that Apple and Qualcomm have recently reconciled, which means that the Intel baseband that causes the iPhone signal is not good will be replaced by Qualcomm’s baseband, so there will be no bad signal.