How to Pair PS5 DualSense Controller with iPhone & iPad!

It is now possible to game on your iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV with your PlayStation 5 DualSense controller! Here is how to set it up, use it, and customize it!

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  1. So does that connect to iPhone 8 because i was wondering to buy that controller pls send me a feed back i really need a feed back

  2. Can I plug in headphones to the ps5 controller that is Bluetoothly connected and then use my wired headphones wirelessly?

  3. I have a GEN three iPad Pro 12.9 inch and I’m trying to play cyber hunter on there and my controller is not working it connects to the device but I can’t seem to figure out how to get it working

  4. this just works WAY too well especially on roblox fps games like arsenal (dont bully me pls) since you cant scope with some weapons on mobile devices

  5. I can move my view during game. Up is down and down is up. I can look left to right ok. But other movements unavailable. Don’t work

  6. How do you disconnect properly. Whenever I try to turn on my ps5 it try’s to search for my iPad, so I can no longer access my PlayStation


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