MacBook Pro with M1 Max and M1 Pro: The Pro-est MacBook yet!

This new generation of MacBook Pro now gives you more ports and connectivity but also does away with a couple of less-used features, including the touch bar.

Full written review:

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Intro – 00:00 – 00:54
Design & ports – 00:55 – 01:53
MagSafe – 01:54 – 03:11
Display – 03:12 – 05:28
No more Touch Bar – 05:28 – 06:28
M1 Pro & M1 Max processors- 06:29 – 08:51
Who should buy these – 08:52 – 10:03
Price – 10:04 – 11:05 .

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  1. Thanks for watching! Just to be clear, you can still charge the new MacBook Pros with almost any USB-C charger, by using one of the three USB-C ports (as shown at 2:15).

  2. Yeah, we are different love the MagSafe and never use the usb c except to charge my iPad at home. Not in the office, car, plane or yeah my childs chrome book. It's the most universal cable that I never use and we have 25 apple devices!

  3. Worst review on youtube. OMG. Dan, just stick with the appearance of the laptop. Let's not actually use the laptop for a week like The Verge and do an in depth review. Let's be first and tell me how the keyboard feels.


  5. i have an unboxing video on my channel. i got the white iphone 13 pro max in 128gb. i lovee this phone.

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  7. Awesome review, can’t wait to see the in-depth premiere pro export comparisons and also the true battery life

  8. But, basically these are oversized iPads with keyboards attached. They can't run steam or any of the Intel Mac games. Probably various other software, too. Since current reviews mostly worry about charging cables, we will find out what only post purchase.

  9. 👆👆👆👆👆
    Contact the name above to get any kind of Apple products at affordable price.

    💯Legit and trustworthy

  10. I just want the MacBook Pro cause it’s just a couple more dollars more for it then getting the MacBook Air …it’s my first MacBook

  11. The ugliest MacBook Pro ever, significantly larger and heavier and with unnecessary ports … except M1Max it is fiasco … and most important – 20 years later, still no touch screen and Face ID … I am upgrading laptop every year, this year I won’t – sorry

    Thank you for the review, it is great!

  12. The Touch Bar was about the only thing giving a modern tech look to recent MacBook outside of the os. It’s really annoying that tech reviewers and die hard old school apple fans pretty much forced apple to hand us this old school looking MacBook for next gen. I like the os, but really this is so much like 2015-16 windows computers.

  13. The woman opens both doors to the fridge and then glides her hand up and down the door handles. Like WTF? Why i never want to work in an office again.

  14. Magsafe allows for fast charging on certain models (over 100W), which is beyond what usb-c allows in terms of power (up to 100W). There is an included usb-c to magsafe cable that connects to the included power brick to the computer.

  15. The reason why magsafe is back is to provide a standard power? input to the mbp, usb c power differs per cable and version. Apple did mention that you can charge the mbp through usb c but i think its going to be slower than the magsafe..

  16. While it has magsafe, USB-C will still work to charge it so your complaint is a mute point. The charger brick cable with MagSafe can also be changed to usbc to usbc since the one that comes with it is usbc to MagSafe.

  17. Still don't like how they created the notch on top. I own iPhone with the notch and am still not a fan of it.

  18. 100% of the comments: hating on my mans for missing that the magsafe isnt the only way to charge
    0% of the comments: everything else

  19. Is anyone else distracted by the lady opening the fridge, taking out a cake, and leaving the fridge door open? at 7:25

  20. Just a lot of talking
    you guys could have made this video BEFORE the damn MBPs came out….👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼

  21. This is the worst computer review I've ever seen. Instead of working with the computer, I watched an interview with an uninformed, unattractive dude.

  22. I know it’s for airflow and hardware, but man these are thick! Looks like a dell from the 80s sheesh

  23. What is the deal with this refrigerator on the background? The old lady looks obsessed with him…

  24. Point of clarification: the notch doesn't cut into the display. The display has been expanded upward. So what used to be unusable blank space is now where the menu bar sits. I've seen so many people describe it as "cutting into," which is only fanning the flames of people hating on it. It's not taking up any display space, you're only gaining extra space.

  25. Not really sure, if tripping over the cable and breaking your laptop was such a huge issue that every youtuber seems to be gushing about magsafe. TBH – this is nothing more than Old habits die hard situation – they definitely would be giving up on tons of revenue they generated by creating a fake need of dongles, but it's the this natural tendency of apple to play nice with universal connectors. Look at iphones, what's wrong with USB C? Nothing! They just want to sell something nobody else can to have that extra revenue flowing in.

  26. Seems to me if you get the M one MacBook Air but you’re putting in lots of memory and lots of hard drive and I’ve been a bunch of stuff on it. The price gets close to the 2000 mark and he should just upgrade to the M1 pro go to get so many more extras for a bump up in price and can just go with the base model basically

  27. I watch all of your reviews they are very helpful so thank you. This was great as s well however I was super distracted by people in the background of your video. Who wanted a snack 9 times out of the fridge 🤣
    I like your reviews without random people walking in and out of the background. Just some small feedback. Thanks for all you do I really appreciate it.

  28. Apple should have had the fct keys and the Touch Bar above it. Both seems more ‘pro’ for a ‘pro’ computer.

  29. Totally agree with your point on the MagSafe. A lot of comments are trashing on you by saving that you can still charge from the type c ports, but you don’t get the 140W fast charge with the type C port. Also, never missed the MagSafe not sure why so many people have been hyping it so much. I ordered my 16 inch MacBook Pro and tbh I’m bummed that they brought the MagSafe back. I would have preferred another type c port or a type a port.


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