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  1. Does anyone know if the 4th gen fits on the 2021 zugu? I wanted a color that’s only included in 2021 zugu

  2. Great Information!! So glad I ran across your video. I was wanting to know if all these cases would work with the Magic keyboard? Thanks!!

  3. New subscriber here. Great content. Do you think the ESR 2020 case, (Rebound Pencil Holder to be precise) for the iPad Pro 2020 will fit the new 2021 model?

  4. Could you please help me in choosing between ESR pencil rebound case vs trifold case?
    Is silicone back better for protection than Hard plastic back. Which one will last long and protect more? Please help me out.

  5. Hi guys
    We can't get the 2021 12.9 zugu case in the UK as yet. I'm using the 2020 version and although it's a bit snug and the speaker grills don't line up 100%, everything else works well. All the buttons ect….

  6. Ah I'm so disappointed that the last year zugu case won't fit! Just all the stickers I have to start collecting again 😭. Will it really won't fit?

  7. I want a simple bumper case the covers the side and back, a soft matte case. I DON'T want a stupid pencil holder, I never intend to buy or use the damn pencil but most of the cases have a stupid void for the damn pencil or a stupid bit that sticks out like the new ESR soft cases for the 2021 iPad pro. Why can't they make a version to appeal to people who have no interest for the damn pencil.

  8. Will 2021 IPad Pro 12.9” cases work for the 2020 IPad Pro 12.9”? I wanna get the Otterbox semetry 360 case but the 2020 models are still outta stock but they do have the 2021 models in. The 2020 and 2021 IPad Pro 12.9” pads look identical on the exterior. Just subbed also!

  9. Hello sorry to thread jump ,I got my eye surgery and can see .I ordered the Supcase Unicorn beetle pro for my I watch iPhone and iPad they say delivery on tablet will be late July, I went with the 11" 2021 M1 with 512 ,I played with a 12.9 "and it was way to motocross for the armrest of my wheel chair ,I bought the Otter spot wireless charger system to feed it all .
    Thanks very much for your help,you steered a blind guy through s minefield with this channel.

  10. Tomtoc said there would be some new ones in June/ July. I sent them an email and asked. Thanks so much for this video!!!

  11. I have a 2021 iPad Pro M1 11” and another issue with the Supcase UB Pro, which physically fits okay (apart from the speaker hole arrangement), is the new centre stage front facing camera. The camera is obstructed by the cutout on the case. If you zoom all the way out or wonder over you will see the case gets in the way slightly. Do you think Supcase will release a re-design for 2021 11” iPad pro?

  12. My sugar case is working well with mine no problems with the buttons took few minutes to align but all works well now

  13. Supcase UB is probably best protective case in the market but the problem is stand. In my experience, that kick stand doesn't last more than an year. So I was considering to buy stand or another case. And I tried zugu after watching your video. And I am very satisfied for my old iPad pro. I am waiting for new case for 2021 one now.

  14. Careful you don’t bend that bitch. I bent mine taking it in and out of a few cases. Yes I was easy with it too.

  15. Thanks for this video! Good info. In case anyone is looking for additional info I tried the reverse – using 2021 cases with an older iPad Pro (2018), and those seem to fit fine (Logitech case/Magic Keyboard).

  16. Tell us tempered glass screen protector compatibility when you get Zugu 2021 12.9 iPad Pro . Now I have esr glass installed on my iPad Pro.. planning to buy it


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