M1 Max Macbook Pro – High and Low Power Modes / Power Consumption / Battery Life Testing!

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00:00 – Intro / Overview
01:16 – Test Setup / High and Low Power Modes
02:48 – Idle Power Consumption
03:25 – Low Load Power Consumption
04:23 – Final Cut Pro Power Consumption
05:20 – High Load Stress Test Power Consumption
06:34 – High / Low Power Modes
08:29 – Final Thoughts / Battery Life Expectations .

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  1. I think it is pretty silly for users of these machines to expect a full day of use out of a battery doing all sorts of "creator" stuff. It is a big laptop (specifically speaking about the 16"), the cost of having a great screen and a fantastic processing power is moving this machine even above the Mac Pro in certain workflows. If you want all day battery life, and then some, get the M1 version, or maybe the M2 when it arrives. I have ordered the M1 Max base model which runs a hefty 5k in Canadian dollars (13% taxes included), to me it is a business write off, but I had to promise myself not to buy a new Apple MacBook for at least 3 years – like that is going to happen…. Currently working on another beast of a machine with a different OS (not Windows).

  2. Thank you a lot, your benchmarks are really complete and useful since you've concretely measured the power consumption from the wall adapter with a watt-meter. You answered a lot of questions that I had! Now I'll try to keep my M1 Pro Macbook 14 in Low Power mode while I'm on the go, and I'll see if that impacts or improves my daily working experience in some ways.

    Subscribed. Keep it up!

  3. Very useful review as I’ve one on order and I was on the fence. I was curious to know two things though
    Q1. Is it quieter in low power mode? If so how quiet is it as I hate me 2019 16” as it is hot and noisy!
    Q2. Does the screen dim in the low power mode?

  4. Can u tell me how much the battery lasted on low powered mode doing normal stuff like web browsing and watching content and battery life doing pro stuff
    I prefer battery as I'm just a student and I want to buy one of these but the battery life on the max concerns me (from what I have learnet from other YTubers) but if this outputs same battery performance in low powered mode as the normal 16 inch pro then I would buy it

  5. Hi … Thanks for this review … I waiting for somebody who will test this low power mode. Could I ask about difference between low mode and power high mode in fan speed values? I also concern about reports about 14 inch issues with high RPM of fans during heavy load. I'd like to know if 14 inch model could be fixed by low pawer mode settings. But I understand that You have only 16 inch MacBook Pro. Maybe others your subscribers can test it for us :-).

  6. Thanks this was really great – please can you advise your core and ram spec? I ordered a 64GB with 32 core and am thinking to downgrade to 32GB and 24core for the sake of battery life

  7. hey man, loved the vid. Apparently geekbench doesn't ramp up the gpu frequencies all the way up. Can you make a video on running cinebench and 3dmark wildlife extreme on high power mode at the same time to hammer both cpu and gpu and see if the gpu thermal throttles. I haven't seen a video on this on youtube so far.

  8. Just want to say, you answered some questions that no other review has covered regarding performance difference of low power mode vs high power mode. Couldnt find anyone testing out the low powered mode on the high end M1 Max. So many reviews going into detail of performance and disregard some of these more useful tib bits. My MacBook Pro M1 Max (same specs are yours!) comes in tomorrow (finally!) and I was worried about battery life after finding out the 32 core is more power hungry off batter. However your low power mode test made me feel so much better knowing I can drop in to low power mode if I ever end up need more battery life. If I can be honest, I'm lazy and generally dont sub channels but I will definitely help out and sub yours. Your two most recent vids had something others didnt and was way more practical then useless benchmarks. Kudos. Got a feeling I'll see more useful vids in the future from you! Good luck with the channel sir! Who knows… I might join you in that youtube adventure when I get my new Mac. Haha.

  9. Thanks for these test Dave! I use the M1 MAX 16 Inch too and can confirm your test. In Low Power Mode the battery life ist significant higher than in auto mode. So in Low Power Mode we probably get same battery life like the M1 PRO. For me in this case I get two Devices in one, can get max power when i want it and can get a longer battery life if i want this! PERFECT


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