In the early morning of this morning, Apple released the official version of iOS 12.3, and editor also upgraded its iPhone XS Max in the first time. In order to see if it can improve the signal of XS, the author is now updating. of. Among them, the iPhone XS Max machine was upgraded early (about 1:50 or so), and the whole process was finished.

What is the official version of iOS 12.3 updated?

From the picture, this iOS12.3 official version update mainly joined the Airplay2 (space play 2) function support, and, as mentioned earlier, there are many media mentioned, due to the ban on Qualcomm’s lawsuit, the application switch now The slide-up off animation is back. Of course, for me and other students who are using iPhone XS Max, XS, XR, I am more concerned about whether this iOS 12.3 official version upgrade has the problem of optimizing mobile phone signal and current interruption. The answer is yes. Before the update, in the Settings – About Local – Modem Firmware column, the driver version number is 1.04.30, and after the update, the modem firmware version is upgraded to 1.05.03. The upgrade of the modem firmware version indicates that the official version of iOS 12.3 definitely optimizes the current iPhone XS/XR signal problem, but the specific optimization can be done to the point where you have to wait until tomorrow to work on the road for everyone to test it in detail.

In addition, careful netizens will also find that after this iOS update, the mobile and Unicom carrier files are also upgraded to 36.0.1. I am excited to immediately release the long-running Unicom SIM card. I want to test whether I support Unicom. VoLTE (I am in Guangzhou, a priority city that has already opened Unicom VoLTE), but unfortunately, after making a few calls, I found that the call has dropped back to 3G, indicating that iPhone Unicom 36.0.1 carrier file still does not support VoLTE function. Then, I originally thought about giving my parents an iPhone XR upgrade to the official version of iOS 12.3. Who knows that the upgrade file is downloaded, click “Install Now”, but there is a pop-up prompt for installation errors.

Solution for installing “iOS 12.3” error or verification failure

As mentioned above, about 4 o’clock, I plan to give my father’s iPhone XR also updated iOS 12.3 official firmware, but tried several times to click “Install Now”, and the error message box that cannot be updated is popped up, as follows Figure

There are also one or two pop-ups that fail with “iOS 12.3” because you are no longer connected to the internet. Seeing this prompt, my heart is tight, it will not be upgraded hot, and I stepped on the BUG of Apple’s new system update, but later, I found that not only Apple upgraded the server, but even Apple’s App Store and AppleID login service failed. Later, I found that China Telecom’s broadband in my home, many foreign formal websites are not going up. So, the author visited the domestic community and summed up the situation of everyone. At present, it seems that the reason why the official version of Apple’s iOS12.3 cannot be updated is that China Telecom’s overseas backbone network has failed. Therefore, only users who use China Telecom’s network will have this problem. If you are using China Unicom broadband or mobile broadband, there should be no such problem. So the solution is also very simple. Ask the Wi-Fi network that has Unicom or mobile lines nearby, or say that when you verify this installation, you can switch back to Mobile or Unicom’s mobile 4G network to verify it via Apple server ( But now there is a problem, Apple seems to have withdrawn the official version of the iOS 12.3 version of the Apple server connected to China Telecom network, you click on the update will prompt 12.2 is the latest version). If you encounter this situation, you can change it again and you can search again.

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