Get Your M1 ProMax Mac TODAY! How to Jump the Queue. Even Custom Spec or if You Already Ordered

How to jump the Queue and get a Custom or Stock M1 Pro or M1 Max MacBook Pro 14 or MacBook Pro 16 TODAY.

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⏩ 2TB PCIe 4.0 SSD (for intel)
⏩ 2TB PCIe 3.0 SDD (for AMD & intel 2nd Drive)
⏩ 64GB RAM 2x 32GB (Works)

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  1. Remember guys if you order from November you have until the 8th of Jan to return it. (Because of Xmas)

    The 14 inch custom spec they will stock in stores is M1 Max 32 Core GPU 64GB 2TB SSD

    The 16 inch custom spec they will stock in stores is M1 Max 32 Core 64GB 4TB SSD

  2. I see these links usually, but how exactly are you able to procure one? I am looking to get one of these, but when exactly are they usually available for purchase? :O

  3. if you configure higher spec for hardcore user
    make sure choose 16 inch because better cooling than 14 inch

  4. IMPORTANT TO KNOW: In fact is that Apple sell Devices define it self as PRO Devices but limited Pro users how they can work with them! I'm very disappointed about that, that i uses a new 2021 MacBook Pro 16 M1 MAX and a 32" Apple Display XDR (6K Display) but can not uses 4k in normal OR HiDPI on basic Systemmenü configuration! That absolutely nothing todo with Pro Device! When Apple will limited things like that they have to sell this as a endcustomer NORMAL Device not as PRO Device. Without Betterdummy there is NO way that i can use 4k in HiDPI with these Devices. Also without additional Software it also perhaps NOT possible to set 4k!! I can not believe in this but its reality…

  5. Unfortunately every time I change even one thing from their base models, it says unavailable without the hyperlink for Apple Stores near me (M1Max only because I don't want the Pro) curse you Florida

  6. came back to say this video helped me picked up the 14" max! TBH I was skeptical about this video til I did the "trick" and saw a nearby store carried the exact configuration I ordered that wasn't going to arrive til late next week. Thank you!

  7. great find thank you! luckily the 14-inch they'll be stocking is my #1 choice so i'll be keeping my eyes peeled

  8. So in order to jump the queue you need to spend an extra $900 for the extra SSD space that you might not want?
    Spending that much money just to have it the same day seems a bit excessive.
    I'd rather spend that money saved for more necessary things.

  9. For anyone wondering the config they stock for 14" is M1 Max 10 Core Cpu 32 Core Gpu, 64GB unified memory and 2TB ssd $4,099

  10. Holy moly! It worked! Managed to buy a MacBook Pro 16” M1 Max 32GPU cores 32GB 1TB today and will pick it up tonight 🤯. It did show up around 10am. It was the only model available. It does look like it was the only one as well. As soon as I bought it, it was no longer available in the store. Thanks for the tip!

  11. Hey! I am in Melbourne, I will try to get one with this method! I will keep you posted!

  12. You said to check the site at 10 am for updates but you didn't give a time zone configuration. So what time zone were you referring to?




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