Watch This M1 Max 32 Core GPU Match a RTX 3080 100W + AMD Laptop in Gaming Power & Battery Verdict

FASTER THAN RTX 3080, Well Lets see. Watch This 64GB M1 Max 32 Core GPU v RTX 3080 Laptop in Gaming – MacBook Pro 16 v ROG Zephyrus G15

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  1. So my Gigabyte G5 with a RTX 3060 reachs 114 FPS in high settings and only costs 1000€ actually because of Black Friday only 900€.

  2. Nice review. Can we see a comparison of Legion 7 5900HX with RTX3080 vs M1 Max purely on basis of content creation. Legion as far as I know is the holy grail of windows based laptop in terms of specs. I'd love to see how it fairs against M1 Max in terms of scrubbing, editing and exporting 4K/6K SOOC H.265 footage in Premiere and Davinci. Dropped frames are always an issue and without proxies and transcoding the original footage, windows laptops struggles quite a bit I heard. Hope to see your insights. Thanks.

  3. I was hoping all the time you were actually monitoring wall wattage pull, and were excited for it, tho i wish i got to know macbook's too.. I was really curious how much it was pulling but then you said that you had no idea actually… come on mate, that's frustrating… And for little details: its 5900hs and you can indeed overclock it, 3080 is 80watts, 100watts is dynamic boost which doesn't have a headroom to kick in all the time.. Also not having external monitor is basically 10-15% loss in fps on average but well you get your mobility at least when you need it, the screen aspect ratio and resolutions are different too aren't they? and lets not forget apples pricing… which is probably like 1000+ extra over the g15 even if you buy an external screen for it to use when mobility is not a restrain… they are just different classes of products.. Also macbook has thunderbolt which is a huge thing and should be mentioned, but since i'm not an apple fan, not gonna comment on any of that, my knowledge may not be accurate

  4. Can we see cyberpunk performance next, I have a feeling the M1 Max will tank hard there, it also can't access DLSS which is mandatory in that title if you'd like to play it with Raytracing, oh… no ray tracing on the M1 I suppose.

  5. I had this year Asus AMD Ryzen 9 with 3070 nvidia. Honestly, a piece of trash, played only dota 2 on it.
    Too much noisy and overheated and because of that sometimes laggy.

  6. okay so, we all know that the performance are better on a laptop when you connect a screen to it.
    So can you do the same test but with an external screen AND windows installed on the Mac ?

  7. Anyone who has decent knolededge knows this video is a scam. The gpu wasnt even being used on the windows pc as you can see from the gpu bound precentage. my i7 9750h with a 1660ti scores a 100 fps in this benchmark. New macbooks are really powerful anybody can agree on that but dont make such make fool of common public.

  8. The Windows laptop here does have significant optimisation advantages going for it, but resizable bar isn't one of them – the M1 Max essentially has resizable bar on steroids since both the CPU and GPU can access the same memory simultaneously and up to 64GB of it.

  9. El detalle aquí, es que la MACBOOK PUEDE DAR EL MISMO RENDIMIENTO AUN QUE NO ESTUVIERA CONECTADA A LA CORRIENTE ELÉCTRICA, Algo que la RTX no puede hacer, aparte, la MacBook está corriendo el juego a través de ROSSETA 2, y por lo tanto no puede sacar el máximo rendimiento del juego, por lo que si el juego corriera de manera native en la MacBook, sin rosetta, podría dar casi el doble de rendimiento.

  10. High or low FPS… you gotta give it to Apple for that consistency! 92 FPS all the way 😀 Not really the narrative here but sometimes consistency is more favourable.

  11. Phenomenal video! I don't know what video software you use but any chance you can do davinci resolve playback tests with color grading nodes in h.264 and prores? Stabilization tests and exporting would be appreciated as well. I have the g15 3080 version and would love to see how it holds up 🙏🏻

  12. "Screenspace contact shadows" is set to high on the Windows machine and off on the M1.

    Your driver optimization argument is also not at all universal, certainly not to that tune on average. To boot, the 3080 is still relatively new so any such boosts may yet to have been achieved. More importantly regarding driver updates, if it ain't broken, don't fix it…

    A bit of fudging IMHO…

    Why not push all those settings to ultra at full resolution?


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