Top Spec M1 MacBook Pro vs 16-Inch Intel MacBook Pro!

Top Model Apple M1 MacBook Pro Review of 4K video editing workflow vs 16-inch Top Spec MacBook Pro (2020)! Apple’s new M1 Macs (Mac mini, MacBook Air, and Pro) are fast… This comparison / review will take a look at how the new top model M1 MacBook Pro compares to the Intel 16-inch MacBook Pro! Subscribe for my long term M1 MacBook Pro review!

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  1. FUN FACT: Edited this entire video on the M1 MacBook Pro… Was a breeze! Fan didn't spin up once… This little test/comparison of my personal workflow is very convincing of what the future holds for Apple Silicon. I'm pretty impressed! But let me know your thoughts! Might be time for me to ditch the 16-inch models now. I definitely prefer portability over everything. Remember, this is only great news for the advancement of future processors from all manufacturers! Let’s be happy that someone is pushing the envelope and moving things forward.

  2. So the M1 was 2mins behind the 16" Intel, but how long did the export take in total for each? This would be helpful to compare the two.

  3. I agree that in a vacuum that a 2-minute difference to export a 10-minute video. However, if you're exporting larger projects, I'm sure that time would ramp up significantly. A great example of the power difference between the M1 MacBook pro and the old 16" MacBook pro. I am personally a PC/Premiere user but definitely found it interested nonetheless.

    Thanks for being so real and genuine in your review.

  4. I'm so tempted to sell my 2019 15in Macbook Pro for the 13in. Although I might just go with the Mini as veterans can pick that up for $630

  5. What's insane is this is against a TOP SPEC 16"… and you look at base models vs. base models, and they are also on par. They just packed a massive punch into a smaller and more affordable package. I ended up selling my 16" pro and got the M1 air and I'm SO HAPPY I did because now I can throw my laptop into my purse, which before I had to take my iPad… and lose some functionality in my workflow doing it that way. Only reason I got the 16" in the first place was because I needed the power. I dock it at home anyway, so the screen size for home-based work isn't a big deal, and the 16" docked ran SO HOT… this m1 air is still cool when docked. That's nuts.

  6. We're in the exact same situation. Selling my 16" spec'd out Pro after I got my 13" M1 and did some tests

  7. I was just about to purchase that 16” you have now I’m thinking of saving the 2k! Question what screen recorder so you use and can you expand m1 the ports with dongles are there limitations?

  8. Nice Vid! The one thing that sux for me is that Boot camp doesn't work on it anymore 🙁

  9. One must remember that a percentage drop on the 16" is not equal to a percentage drop on the 13". The 13" has a much smaller battery at 58.2 watt hours, whereas the 16" has a 99.8 watt hour battery. That M1 is doing pretty much the same amount of work with a quarter of the power.

  10. Ugh, I was going to get the 16" since I'm still rocking my 15" mid 2012 MBP. I started doing some video and noticed some major lag. Now after the M1 13" I'm tempted but was hoping for a larger screen.

  11. The time difference does make a difference if the first took 2 seconds and the latter took 2 minutes. The important way to explain this is % difference. So 20%?

  12. Why did you get a 16" then instead of the cheese grater tower and an external monitor? The 16" is it's own class and purposeful machine for a very specialized and specific type of pro user. Not to mention the huge screen real estate righteous?

    For everyone else there is the Air and the 13" or even the Mini of course. Why would you go from a 16" to an Air or 13" ? You'd go right to the Tower and external monitors. If you wanted that and a portable, you'd get the Air or a 12" eyePadPro.

    But, if you are a heavy duty pro user, depending on both the home tower system and being on the road with a powerhouse productivity machine, you'd go with a 16". Or, if you are a power productivity and portability user, you'd just carry around the 16".

    These comparisons are lemons and socks.

    The Apple didn't design these M1 machines to compete with their 16" machines LMFAO !

    Personally I'm waiting for the 3rd generation refurbs of the 16" M1 notebook. I don't like jumping ship everytime something latest greatest hits the shelves but isn't in the form factor I need.

  13. How does it feel to pay 4k to a company that you know it will release the same power later on the year with half the price? They advertised the expensive 16 inch as a must for pros and then they destroy its reputation with a new body.Do you still admire that Apple for robbing you? YouTubers, i undertand that they make their money back from ads, but for average ppl….is very frustrating this marketing.

  14. Two projections here.
    1- Could Apple release a Silicon SoC with a dedicated graphics card?
    2- Could this be the end of MacOS? Since with this architecture, iPadOS looks everything Apple needs, touch screen support, better support for Silicon Apps, and so on…

  15. Great video! First review i find that dont only talk about benchmarks and numbers that dont mean anything for many people. Today i got the m1 macbook pro 13 16gb 1tb ssd and gosh its amazing! Tomorrow i ll be selling my mbp16inch i9 to my brother for half the price cause i only use h.265 files and the m1 macbook pro flies with those files

  16. My MBP 13" i5 512 ssd will arrive on 1th december and i dont know what should I do. Im scared about losing support from apple in few years with i5 but im also scared about buying first gen M chip… so i have to decide between keeping i5 or changing to M1. HELP PLEASE! I use Chemdraw, Lightroom and I would like to use Bandcamp some day… Thanks!!!

  17. I got my daughter the new Macbook air M1 for college…. time to get rid of the trash ? A.K.A her crappy Chromebook ❤️?????✌?

  18. Would love to see a quick test of After Effects on the M1 (since it’ll rely on Rosetta to run). I was one button click away from ordering the spec’ed out 16” just before they announced the Nov 10th event; so I’m super curious if this first generation M1 chip would get me by until they reveal a refreshed 16”.

  19. I did the exact same thing. I sold my i9 16inch today and ordered the pro m1 16gb 🙂 . don't want to pay for the storage so I have to wait.

  20. I don't care about size but power and really need to upgrade from a 13 inch 2015 MacBook Pro. Was about to get the 16 in until M1 came out. Seeing how the M1 13 in nearly leaves the 16 obsolete, should I hold on for a few months to get the M1 16 inch? Would the wait be worth it??? HELP I DONT KNOW WHAT YO DO

  21. Does not having a dedicated graphics card make a difference when editing/loading photos on Photoshop? I feel so tempted to buy the new M1! Great review.

  22. Imagine what the AS 16" is going to be like. I wonder if that one will have a dedicated GPU, or SoC for all the portables.

  23. Thank you! Finally an amazing review. Every other video I watched was trash. I love that you did not aim for benchmarks but aimed for what people get macbook pros for and that is PRODUCTION. Thank you for comparing a $3k macbook pro with the M1, now we can see what we are getting. Thanks again! Subbed.

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