Major iOS Delay, World Boss Visual Bugs & Striker Change!! – Marvel Future Fight

It’s a New Update But with Major iOS Delays, Many Players Can’t Access the Game. Plus World Boss Visual Bugs and Huge Striker Changes that Will Make WBU Much Easier!



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  1. @Cynicalex can you also send feedback to Netmarble that the recent update causes iOS/iPhone batteries to heat up and drain faster? Thanks!

  2. Just don't use strikers if you don't like it. Or will that be too hard for you πŸ€”πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. People are never happy

  3. I don't know how I feel about this new update. I'm not complaining here, just analyzing what characters were introduced in the update. I feel that putting obscure comic characters in MFF misrepresents the Marvel brand. Marvel already introduces obscure comic book characters in their movies, and that is already a lost opportunity. As a brand, Marvel Entertainment has a vast intellectual property collection of characters. Like its movies, its line of comics titles bring many of its characters together in interaction. I read some comics, especially the X-Men, but I'm not familiar with Deadpool and his associated characters with exception to Fox's movie adaptations. While I greatly enjoy Netmarble for putting content and characters from the comics into MFF that are missing from these live action superhero movies, I'm wary that Netmarble is straying from the heart and brand of Marvel's intellectual properties. This update's introduction of Gorilla-Man and Slapstick feels foreign and tangential to Marvel as a brand. They don't feel tangential to Deadpool's comedic nature, but they don't relate well with preexisting characters in the MFF game. Are these new MFF characters popular or frequently represented in Deadpool comics? Negasonic Teenage Warhead comes from the X-Men line of comics and was used in Fox's Deadpool movie franchise. Why does the look of the character appear to originate from these movies when she is introduced with Gorilla-Man and Slapstick from the comics? NTW is depicted and portrayed naturalisticly in MFF as derived from her adaptation in Fox's movies, while the Gorilla-Man and Slapstick are essentially cartoons. These characters have entirely distinct ethos and aesthetic. If Netmarble is trying to "break the fourth wall" with another Deadpool update to the game, I think it could be done more boldly by introducing more characters from all over the various media properties held by Marvel Entertainment.

  4. Hi Cynicalex ,
    Where do wolverine's legs disappeared in alliance battle normal mode???
    Looks like he is in a quicksand πŸ˜‰
    (IGN: harry dunn)

  5. You don’t really have to use the best stickers if you want a more competitive fight but if you’re in a rush to get your 5 clears in for w.e reason it’s very useful

  6. I've been playing MFF since week one but lately the game is unplayable. I can barely get through a WBU, Timeline battle, Danger Room, GBR or AC battle without crashing. I've tried my old tablet, my old phone, my new phone, and my new tablet, and all it does is crash. NM just keeps giving us new characters I've never even heard of, meanwhile I can't play the damn game. And the store is impossible to navigate because all of the boxes and icons turn into bright pink glitch boxes. This happens in the Trivia section too, which makes questions impossible to answer because I can't see them.

  7. There was another problem yesterday in world boss invasion where it kept disconnecting me again and again at the start of the match. Don't know others faced it or not.

  8. All World Bosses (except Thanos) staring at the MFF Devs…"Not like this. Not like this" IGN: MODREDtheMYSTIC

  9. My strikers ain't doing shit lol. Definitely not spamming the same move man and I use SW, WH, Colossus and DP and they don't even jump in now lol

  10. They didn’t even compensate iOS. The update came to me around 7am I missed a whole day worth of playing

  11. 9:36, HAHAHAHHAHA LOL… that is so embarrassing for this game… this might be the worst hand holding they've done in the history of their game and this will destroy WBU forever and without WBU theres nothing that much special about this game anymore !

  12. also character with defense down has no value… becuz u can just build character lyk weapon hex & get unlimited defense down.. that really screw's the value of other characters

  13. Cynicalex, do you think MFF would add a mega rank up tier 2 ticket on the event shop? or should i spend the tokens.

  14. Absolutely unforgivable .. wbu is suppose to be most challenging gamemode.. it will never feel like a challenge if there is a way to simply bypass all of the stage mechanics..

  15. I didn't see when I ran my wbu today, does it say what skills each striker uses? Or is it something we have to play to find out?
    IGN: MistahMuzack

  16. Also, as a vip lvl1 player, i have to get char exp for 10 instant clears.
    But I didn't get.suprisingly, i tested again using only one instant worked…

  17. Theres another issue. Some players including me cannot update the game. It says "verify network connection" eventhough I have good internet connection

  18. Im an ios user. Now i have to download 1.3 GB ALL OVER AGAIN everytime i want to login. Can someone give advice to fix this?

  19. I got a bug with the Epic Quests were I did Latveria Champion 3 times with Mr. Fantastic and it only counted 1 (out of 2) for the actual quest

  20. I am an android user , yesterday while i was downloading the update which is a total of 1.25gb , there is lot of deviations while downloading like when it shows 280mb updated then it goes to 276 , 275 sometimes to 230 , this happened many time while i was updating the game , so for a 1.25gb update i hv used nearly 3 to 4 gbπŸ€’πŸ˜« this is first time its happening to me #ItSucks

  21. Apocalypse T3 also freezes the screen hopefully it's fixed before a bunch of people start getting his T3

  22. Hey Alex should I pay 450 crystals to unlock the ebony stage 30 or should I buy Emma frost on black Friday cause I have 4500 crystals

  23. Its not just the world boss. Its in all missions as far as i can tell. When I was farming cap bios, Cap is just almost all black. The end animation for CM makes her look cartoonish and black completely on some angles, so are the other bosses. Pietro was all silver and sort of faded. Its just all a mess.

  24. Apocalypse's T3 skill freezes the game for a couple of seconds for me, it unfreezes itself but it's really annoying :-/ had no problems with the game till today, ran just fine…

  25. Honestly NM , the things you guys should keep constant , you made it rng AND the things that are supposed to have more rng , you made them constant (striker skills). Ain't no one at HQ who plays this game with a brain and heart?

  26. My game was crushing very often before update, now it's crushing like hell
    Also I would like to skip the damn animation when you combine only 2 Uru's, it's so annoying!
    IGN: DanDX21

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