*aesthetic iOS 14 TUTORIAL* MUST DO! easy step-by-step themed iPhone background

*aesthetic ideas* & step-by-step quick iPhone iOS 14 UPDATE tutorial! NEW iOS 14, custom icons, themed background, app organization & customizable widgets! HOW-TO & my layout!

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🍂 Fall designs I made http://bit.ly/fallcustomdesigns
↳ widgetsmith https://apps.apple.com/us/app/widgetsmith/id1523682319
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  1. when i try to move it to the home screen it doesnt work its only on the side with the like calendar battery stuff and stuff

  2. If i try to change the logo it does show up but then it's not the actual app it just takes me to where I found the image…

  3. This is great! I got 14, but silly me didn’t look up what changed. 🤦🏼‍♀️
    Thank you, Taylor! 😘

  4. Sorry I’m late to the party this time. I love your sense of humor, Taylor! I cracked up when you said “maybe you have the opposite of a food account, maybe you have a workout page…” 🤣 All I can say you are in the right job as a YouTube creator. It would be a great shame if only a select few people got to enjoy your personality on a regular basis.

  5. I would love to know how you create background designs!!! I love these!!! But I would like to incorporate a picture of my husband and kids.

  6. I haven't updated yet and now I think I'm going to not until I have to. I like the familiarity of my phone and apps…this sh*t is intimidating!

  7. The only downside is that I don’t get notifications on the icon itself. That I’ve noticed so far that is. Thank you I do like the way i was able to customize my home screen and icons!!!

  8. I’m soo glad you posted this!! I’ve been playing around and I’m obsessed! I also love using your designs, I can’t believe I just found them a few weeks ago!

  9. Omg thank you for this! I never would have even realized I could do all this with the new update!
    Question, I want to order the All The Fall Things sweater but I’m not sure if I’m a 2X or 3X because I have a really large chest and I’m afraid if it shrinks the 2X won’t fit – do you know if it shrinks or have any tips for the bigger sizes? (since the dimensions for 3 & 4 X aren’t listed)

  10. Taylor, the clever girl who taught her grade school class how to bedazzle their phones a little extra, with the same jewel stickers. Idk for sure, don’t quote me.

  11. This is soooo great! I am such a tech-geek and love that this makes me feel like I have a brand new phone (without the $999 price tag)!

  12. The content I didn’t know I needed 💕 I honestly tried to figure out a good vibe with the widget update and failed haha but your tips definitely helped! 👌🏽

  13. I absolutely love the way you decorated yours! So clean and stylish! I did mine but I’m still working on mine. I feel like I am not satisfied yet and it takes time. 😂❤️

  14. I tried for so long to figure out how people were doing these cool layouts and couldn’t figure it out. So thank you 😂

  15. One of the major reasons I've been an Android devotee for so long is because of how customizable it is and how much fun I have redesigning my setup when I feel like it. I always felt like Apple thinks we're too stupid to be allowed to take control of our own phones. I still use a Google Pixel 3 as my daily driver, but I was psyched and got myself a 2020 SE when I found out iOS 14 was adding widgets. The built-in widgets and customization options aren't impressive, so I'll be happy to watch apps like the one you used proliferate. Your customizations look fantastic!

  16. Go a smoother transition for your shortcuts.
    Settings> Accessibility > Motion > Reduce Motion
    This should make the transition a lot smoother and less annoying. Happy Customization 😊😊😊

  17. Taylor – I tried following a tutorial to do this on tiktok, and yours is so much easier to follow! Love it! Thank you! Now all your followers are going to be walking around with the same phone aesthetic as you 😂❤️

  18. Very cool. Been playing with mine today and just watched your video… very helpful.
    By the way, on your website there is a list of ‘free’ stuff options, is that legit or some click banner on there.

  19. I checked out ur page! I love it❤️ I added the “good lie” photo to my Home Screen 😊😊

  20. Oh thank you! I have been looking for a tutorial on how to do this and they all either bored me in five seconds or talked way over my head! Thanks for being awesome!


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