First Review Urban Armor Gear Metropolis Case 2018 Apple iPad Pro 12.9 & 11

If your looking for the best case for the Apple iPad Pro 2018 12.9 or 11 then you need to check out this case from uag. The Metropolis is one of the best cases you can buy.

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  1. Guys. I updated the description area with the link to the UAG site. This is a very new product. The image on UAG doesn't even match my case yet. I have also included links for Best Buy. Once I find it on Amazon I will link to it as well.

  2. I just bought a UAG case for my iPad Mini 5; and (being transposed), your video helped a fair deal in giving an idea about how the case fitted and operated; thera are no instrucrions in the box.

  3. The surface on the Metropolis case looks great in the beginning but given a little bit of ware which happens
    very quickly to the outer material, it then starts to peel off badly. The case itself is solid and does protect well, but believe me after having owned 3 and watching how quickly the surface deteriorates, it more than obvious that this is a design flaw. If you want a case that protects and will continue to “look great” as the times goes by, these Metropolis cases will disappoint. Best to pass on the UAG Metropolis iPad cases.

  4. I have this exact version. I am seeing by watching videos on it that there is a different version of this. Should I return this and get the 2nd version?

  5. hmm I'm guessing this is an old design since the new can store the apple pencil much better than this.

  6. I bought one and it fucks up my scrolling and typing. Works only half the time. I take pad out of case and iPad works great. I contacted them now we’ll see how good of service they have.

  7. Pity they didn't fix the magnetic strap so it can hold the pencil in place properly. It looks like the pencil would get more damage just being clipped at the top as nothing is protecting either end. This is probably the best case design I've seen though.

  8. My iPad Pro 12.9” 2018 bent in just 3 days after purchase, carried around (no sitting on it) inside my satchel bag. My other iPads served me for years and never had this problem. I am so unhappy with mine and want to return but a dealer (iStudio by Uficon, Thailand) doesn’t allow and Apple doesn’t want to get involved either—3 chats and one call. After getting a replacement I had to improvise a reinforcement made of epoxy PCB, which adds 200 grams to my bag. I wrote emails to Tim Cook about my case but he never replied.

  9. I agree with most comments. The case looks rushed and it need to be compatible with the iPad keyboard. Perhaps they will update it and do it right.

  10. My $200 Apple keyboard folio did not prevent my 12.9” gen 3 iPad Pro from warping. Crazy how easy it was to straighten out like it’s putty. I’ve got my $1400 iPad in the unicorn beetle Pro with pencil holder case and love it. Nice review and that case is sweet. Regardless we gotta all invest in heavy duty protective cases. One big issue I have with the UAG case is that it does very little to protect my $129 plus tax Apple Pencil gen 2.

  11. First 1:30 is a total waste of time. Repeats every many feature 2,3 and even 4 times. Just wondering does it have bumper protection?

  12. I have the case and it’s a really good case the only thing I wish is that there was a more secure way to keep the pencil in place .. other than that the case is really good and very protective

  13. I love the previous uag, how you can remove the front cover and be compatible with the apple keyboard. But now it is no longer possible

  14. I just purchased this case and I’m a little disappointed. The friction or the stand doesn’t always work too well and I find it slips frequently. The cover flap also doesn’t support Smart Cover functions. It does feel sturdy against drops but the back is rubber so it doesn’t seem like it’d protect from bends. The clip for the pencil does feel very secure but with the pencil in place, it blocks the power button so it makes it rather finicky to try and get to the power button to turn off the screen when you shut the cover.

  15. QUESTION: Do I need to worry about bending the iPad from how rough you have to be to get it in and out?

  16. Thanks for the review. It almost ticked all the boxes but the typing angle looks flimsy… which is a shame. On to my search again.

  17. Just found out that this particular design has actually been discontinued UAG just came out with a different design

  18. a big reason i purchased an ipad this time was the usbc connector. apple did a good thing finally.

  19. I ordered one from UAG and it’s a different design, the flap is on the side of where the Apple Pencil charges making it secured while charging. Also the cover is not removable

  20. The most important thing for me thinking about a case is that it would protect this ipad from being bent. I could just about see from your handling that this case is pretty flexible and so does not offer that much protection from bending the ipad – something you didn't talk about at all. Given the structural weakness of the 3rd gen ipad pro significant protection would require a more rigid back and front to protect it don't you think? This case will surely protect from drops and from scratches but bends? I wouldn't trust it.

  21. @URBAN ARMOR GEAR  when will it be released? Please design it where the apple pencil is placed where it's supposed to and be able to charge when closed like last year. This design seems very rushed and lazy, now both sides are exposed when the cover is removed(Not very protective since it is proned to getting scratches). Please fix this issue by providing separate pieces to cover the sides when the cover is removed when use just as a case (without the cover) and also make the side bumper design sleek where the apple pencil magnetically attaches and charges when closed. Just dont make a lazy product when theres a potential to make it all happen. Hopefully it will be out soon enough when I will get my new ipad pro 11 inch sometime in December. I'm in love with this case, but this seemed rushed because you took away the apple pencil charging compatibility and made a lazy design by not even trying to make it work. We all just want it to be same as last years design.


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