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APPLE can get SPIDER-MAN and VENOM to the MCU!!

https://www.youtube.com/chaosxsilencer .

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  1. I’m confused so if apple buys Sony and all the rights to Spider-Man and his characters rights go back to Disney how would apple profit they would not be able to profit from Spider-Man because they won’t own him anymore and directly can join the superhero movie movement ?

  2. I think, it would be POSSIBLE to leave Spiderman in his own Universe, though I don't think it would be the right decision for him. This character was introduced in an official movie of the mcu. He build up too strong bonds with some of the MCU's characters. What if Iron-Man would somehow return? Everyone would demand to have a reunion with Peter!

    Besides that, there would be a way to Bring Venom into contact with the MCU, as it already happened some time ago in the Venomized-event, where he fought alongside the Avengers.

  3. NO THEY WOULDNT. Warner bros own all things DC. Sony has no rights to anything dc o ly spiderman. If spiderman goes back to marvel what superhero content would sony offer them. NONE. Get your information together before you make a video with wrong facts

  4. Holland-Spidey in the MCU always!
    Without the MCU Sony has Holland's perfectly executed performance (it's like he was breed to be Spidey), but looses the background in setup for the character. This iteration of spiderman is (almost literally) a child of the MCU and in there the movies are more then singular events: the carry meaning, history and loss.
    Taking just holland but making an effectively new spiderman will likely never reach the heights the character would have had in the MCU – or at least forfeit the momentum of FIVE movies. Instead it is a new character in a smaller universe, played by the same actor of the spiderman that was an Avenger. Amazing Spiderman caused a lot of confusion around mainstream audiences (not comic nerds) and similar development of the Sony-verse is possible.

  5. Uh correct me if I’m wrong but I think he asked “Do you think Spider-Man belongs with the DCEU?” First off why do you put Spider-Man in the DCEU?

  6. Sony: but I’m nothing without Spider-Man
    Disney: if your nothing without Spider-Man, then you shouldn’t have him

  7. Technically if apple buys sony or just sony pictures spider-man's movie rights will actually be back in marvel's hands

  8. Not giving up I want spider man back in the mcu and venom too im a mcu spider man fan so not giving up


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