Final Cut Pro + Apple Silicon: Why you should be excited!

Apple Silicon is here in the Mac with the M1 chip. It could spell big productivity improvements for Mac users.

Apple silicon will bring big productivity enhancements to Mac users, and could spell huge performance improvements for video editors using Final Cut Pro. In this video we conjecture about Final Cut Pro running on Apple silicon inside the new MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and Mac mini with M1 chips.

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  1. My bad on past posts… The Intel site for ThunderBolt 3 was not updated to show the USB4 specification was released on 29 August 2019 by USB Implementers Forum, based on the Thunderbolt 3 protocol specification.

    Still feel that feel Apple needs to change spec page for Mac M1 products to read . . .

    Two Thunderbolt / USB4 ports with support for:

    Thunderbolt 3/USB4 (up to 40Gb/s)
    USB 3.1 Gen 2 (up to 10Gb/s)

    Why is this important? It might be just a pipe dream of mine in that using the USB4 standard, and not having to pay Intel that device manufactures will be able to bring out USB4 standards base devices that will be cost competitive.

  2. 8k is just marketing. No one needs that many pixels, and FCP isn't a platform I'll ever care about. I barely used it during the pre-X days. A lot of borderline false statements here.

  3. Good insight but I have to question the over excitment of the M1 chip. Could the speed increase have something to do with the new storage speed ? or at least a mixture of both.. just wondering !

  4. Great but when are they going to give us a software that won't crash or lock up when trying to run photoshop or video software. Catalina should have been called Crapalina and everything I'm hearing about OS Big Sur on the adobe forums is that it's worse than Crapalina.

  5. "But there will also be many, many tasks that you can’t simply run on these Macs too. And there are likely to be cases where performance might just suck too compared to an x86 PC laptop." – PC World

    These are great but only for people who use specific "Apple / M1" optimized software. If you fall into this category then great! But it seems to me that this is literally a super optimized smart phone CPU . But i could be wrong, i don't know everything.

  6. MacBook Pro with  M1; I’m excited for it cause I want to compare the

    13“ MacBook Pro on i5 vom 2017


    13“ MacBook Pro on M1

    The only difference between the macs Model is the Touchbar and of course the processor inside

    I never had a MacBook Pro with Touchbar, so I’m also excited for the Touchbar and also touchID in this mac

  7. Wait, how can that play so bad on a MacPro?!! It’s their highest spec computer, that’s not good at all!

  8. Maybe before apple starts touting a new chip, how about figuring out why my MACBOOK PRO WON'T UPDATE TO BIG SUR! It's been locked up and every time I try to update, I get the message 'an error' occurred while updating.
    Hey apple, How about something called USABILITY TESTING OF YOUR UPGRADE PROCESSS?

  9. I'm curious to see how the recently-updated FCPX compares to the previous release on Intel-based Macs. I wonder, since the software is optimized for the M1 chip, how does it impact non-M1 Macs in terms of performance. I purchased a 16" MacBook Pro just about a year ago, so I'm nervous about updating now. I can't see how the software can be great for both Intel-based Macs and M1-based ones. Jeff, care to give it a shot?

  10. How the hell can a 28 core Mac Pro, with 512 GB of memory, be so embarrassingly slow? Those things require a mortgage to buy. Unbelievable.

  11. $200 for ram that cost a 1/4 of the price… robbery… buyer cant make their own upgrades… being held hostage

  12. I do not have a mac pro, but what you are showing, I think, is an h265 without hw acceleration. That is not a like for like. If you used a h265 asic from the gpu, it would do 8k at a respectable speed. My laptop with an intel APU with quicksync activated can do better than your mac pro example and I do not think my laptop is quicker in video editing, even though it has a quadro maxq.

  13. Yes, it is a apple controlled situation hardware and software. Means apple could optimize it as fast it could be on its hw, could slow it down a little bit at old hw so people can persuaded to buy a new one, forbidding 3rd party maintenance repair, license all hw upgrading / accesories if it could, and all licensing softwares that could run in that hw too.

  14. Luma Fusion has just been updated to support 10bit HDR files! Shame it didn’t come out a day or two earlier for you.

  15. Hi. Didn't understand… You used an Intel and in the title put an M1… and you used Luma to do a side by side comparison. What a garbage channel. Click bait.

  16. What on earth has happened to Miles??? Has he left 9 to 5 Mac? ☹️ This new guy seems okay I guess, but I miss good old Miles!

  17. Was this reuploaded because first video’s title hinted that the Mac is already here and was downvoted to hell? Lmao

  18. Why reviewers get the unit later than normal users? People are flooding the YT with amateur M1 contents that frustrate me so much.

  19. But it wasn’t under rosetta 2, it was already native program for M1 SOC. Under rosetta 2 scores are around 1300-1400

  20. Please do a comparison between m1 macbook pro and imac 2020 10 core 64gb ram 16gb graphic card and 1 tb ssd !!!????

  21. You tubers are confused and confusing the viewers as well. ?

    Few say it’s a quantum leap and few say the m1 macs are just gimmicks ?

    But I’m excited ???

  22. Not technically 8 cores, I believe. Only 4 cores can run at a time. High performance during high load, low on low.

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