Apple Silicon M1 MacBook Air – Good For Video Editing?

Testing the 2020 MacBook Air with 4K Canon 10-bit, HDR, HEVC & More!
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In this video, I talk about the new 2020 13″ MacBook Air with M1 Apple Silicon and test out 4K video editing in Final Cut Pro 1.15 . I also test out Geekbench 5 and Metal compute, video editing with Bruce X, 4K stabilization, h.264 and h.265 HEVC and how these will do editing Canon R5 10-Bit 4:2:2 422 C-Log footage that’s also in the Canon R6 and C70, c300 mkii, and more cameras.

I will test ProRES and ProRes RAW, Blackmagic RAW and other raw such as Canon Cinema RAW Lite, Red .R3D and more with metal graphics decoding in my next video about the 2020 MacBook Pro with M1 Apple Silicon.

Timestamps ⬇️
Introduction – 00:00
GeekBench 5 CPU 00:50
GeekBench 5 Metal – 01:34
Cinebench R23 – 02:08
Thermal Throttling – 02:34
Bruce X FCX 10.15 – 03:12
MacBook Pro Killer? – 04:00
4K Stabilization – 05:36
4K H.264 Editing – 06:23
Temps and Overheating – 07:02
HEVC HDR Editing – 09:03
Canon R5 10-Bit 4K30 – 09:52
10-Bit 422 4K 60FPS – 11:12

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  1. If anyone can answer and yes I’m an ignorant slut for video editing. Would Macbook air base model is enough for 4K video editing? I’m trying to get into video editing and it seems like Air best for buck. Only concerned is not having a fan but if my editing is short then it shouldn’t be a problem? For the last should I get 8GPU Air rather than the base Air? If anyone please help I’m so new to this!

  2. Even with the punchy shouting vocal style of You Guys delivery its hard to stay awake when the show has no REAL information! Any DSLR or 4K and 6K cameras can, of course, RUN their own materials. What we are all waiting for is a real world real-time demonstration that you can put in ANY RAW 4k,6k or 8k BIG file-say 5GB minimum and edit it however you want, because here and elsewhere these are all pre-processed clips you are all just redoing. You may be doing your own, and others may download them from the web, but I want to see stuff from a shoot loaded straight from the card into the computer, and then actually looked at and edited in real time, preferably on a big external monitor so we can check for tricks!!

  3. Which version of BruceX are you running? I'm running the one I found on the TonyMacx86 site, and it only takes 12 seconds on the M1 MacBook Air w 16GB of RAM.

  4. I work with 30+ minute 1080p 100mbps videos. I can get an Air with 512gb of storage or a Pro with 256gb storage for $1,250. Which one would be the better deal?

  5. Hello guys. I'm not very good in English i watched those 2 video ( macbook air and pro m1) and i didn't understand everything. I've a gopro h8 and i want to buy this laptop for 4k videos editing. Is the macbook air m1 is enough or I've to go for the pro one? Answers me please I've to buy it tomorrow morning. Thanks a lot everyone

  6. I'm thinking to buy the macbook air m1 with 8g of ram. Do you think is enough performance for editing on 4k videos please?

  7. Hi there. Maybe you are going to make a review after a while (like one month) after you use the computer in the real scenario I meant a long time video project (> 1 hour long) to share if the computer have any problems and witch one is the best for different real life scenario.

  8. Now I want a Blender version optimised for M1, instead of supporting only high end PC with NVidia RTX graphics

  9. Wow! Really impressive! Looking forward to see that video with the Macbook Pro, I'm not sure if it's even worth spending more for the Pro

  10. Please include this test: Time it takes to transcode ProRes RAW into 12-bit ProRes 4444 XQ. (for a Resolve user) Thanks!

  11. For people just getting into video editing, what is best for Macs? Da Vinci or Premier? I have a 2020 MBP 13” $1,799 model.

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