M1 Mac Mini | A year late to the party

M1 Mac Mini | A year late to the party

I said all along I wasn’t going to do this. I was going to skip the M1 Mac Mini and stick with my 16″ MacBook Pro. The M1 Mac Mini and MacBooks have had an incredibly positive first impression over the last year since they were released. With my MacBook I had a few little niggles that made me consider switching again until I ended up trading in for the M1 Mac mini. I have to say I love the M1 Mac Mini already.

M1 Mac Mini https://amzn.to/2YCMLxn

Read my blog on the M1 Mac Mini: https://www.scottedwardscreative.com/theblog/m1macmini

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M1 Mac Mini https://amzn.to/2YCMLxn
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Final Cut Pro X
Logic Pro X

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  1. Love your enthusiasm, Scott, had mine for a week now–the basic Mini–along with a 32 inch LG monitor and they are stunningly good. Cheers, chum.

  2. I had been holding out for the new 27/32 iMac.
    Simply got to the point where I after a year couldn’t wait any longer so replaced my late 2012 Mac mini with an M1 Mac mini 16gb RAM 1 tb storage , arrived Tuesdaylast week Nov 2021.
    Amazon machine wish I hadn’t waited so long.

  3. i sold my Mac Mini Intel with 64 GB for the M1 Mac Mini, It's complete garbage. I'm using Final Cut doing lame photo slide shows and home movie videos and it's always getting hung up and "not responding' The Intel was never like this. Apple really shit the bed with this garbage.

  4. Even the model with 16 GB RAM is below 1000 bucks. If you outsource the finished projects to external drives, would 256 GB SSD be enough? How much space is left after doing that, meaning only OS and applications are remaining?

  5. Welcome to the mac mini family. When Apple removed the DVD drive from their All-in-One systems, I gave up on iMac computers. In 2013, I picked up my current 2010 mac mini (the last version with a built-in DVD super-drive) and paired it with a 27-inch (none thunderbolt) cinema display.

  6. Anyone experience any Wi-Fi issues? Mine keeps dropping out, not connecting, and being pelainfuly slow

  7. I just bought one 3 weeks ago… I got 16GB and the 10gb Ethernet…It's made crazy how you can't seem top slow it down…

    And I been a windows user for 40 years…The reason I bought one… A damn Windows based PC video card cost $1100.00 US…As there are not any mid range ones on the Shelves..As I replace min every 3 years… I said screw that. I can buy a whole Mac Mini for that price…

  8. im so tempted to get one but i want to wait and see if the m1 pro or max gets put into the min 🙁

  9. I have been a Windows user for my Pc all my life and for everything else I’ve used Apple and for be personally my laptop sucks and I don’t really like Windows anymore after leaving Windows 7 to 10 and then to 11 and I’ve been looking for a new Pc and honestly fully going into the Apple ecosystem and honestly I think I might cave and if you want my specs for my laptop it’s a 16gb i3-8145 with 1tb hdd do you think I should switch and should I get the 8gb or 16gb because I know the ram is not the same as on the intel’s!

  10. I'm 1 year late too bro, ordered 1 last Thursday. I'm not waiting on the M1P/M. They might not even do a mini until the M2 comes out. Cant wait to get mine

  11. Just ordered the Mac Mini 16gb 1tb, ($1299 in the US) and picked up an 8tb backup station for $149 from Costco. My uses will be running multitrack recording. Coincidentally all three of my main software applications (Waves plugins, UAD Apollo plugins, Studio One 5.4 DAW) have issued new software in the last month to make it work with the M1 chip. The noise is a really big deal for me working in a little studio at my house. The real problem was I couldn't keep the DAW from glitching due to little changes in the PC architecture. So I'm joining the dark side and going Apple.

  12. If you compare this Mac Mini M1 with the newest iteration of Mac Mini (M5?), it'll be the same. The new one will be silent. The old one will be more noisy.

    "This.. runs completely silent"

    Buy a new computer at the price range of the Macbook Mini M1 (Any computer) and it'll run more silent than your 5 year old system. That's simply because your 5 year old system needs to work harder and harder, as the infinite improvement of software always happens.

  13. I bought a M1 Mac Mini this year in July and apart from using a Windows PC supplied by work that they require I now use the Mac Mini M1 for everything. Let me say, I bought the base 8 GB RAM, 256 GB SSD model. I have two Windows PC laptops and a tower desktop that now sit on the sidelines and all three have 16 GB of RAM with the desktop using Intel i5 and the two laptops Intel i7 processors. Of the Windows devices, I feel like only the Dell Alienware 15 R3 can compete performance-wise with this Mac Mini which is insane since that laptop was $2,300 when purchased new versus this Mac Mini costing $699. I am with you on the shock of being able to run multiple programs on just 8 GB of RAM. I am not sure what the plan is within the PC market but when comparing the performance to the cost, going forward I most likely will not be purchasing Windows based devices unless new technology comes along that makes it equally competitive or better for the cost. Truthfully, unless there are new devices about to be released in the PC market to compete at this cost that I am unaware of I honestly do not see how the PC market is going to be able to compete against Apple for the near-term on an individual consumer level.

  14. I originally got iPad mini 6 but it scratches way to easy since if then got the M1 iPad pro been using as my computer 💻 and happy with it




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