There is a new M1 chip from Apple, no more thinking when choosing a computer! | open box Mac mini (M1, 2020)

My only purpose when making this video is to introduce something called “M1 chip” to you, if you are planning to buy a laptop, especially in the price range of the Macbook, look for understand about new models with chip M1 offline! The more you know about the M1 chip, the less likely you are to make a mistake in this moment when buying an old Intel chip at a “forced low” price. I leave a table of contents (timestamp) here so you can jump right to the content you are interested in! 00:00 | Unboxing Mac mini (ASMR) & opening 01:52 | What do we benefit? 03:53 | Shopping decision 07:57 | Buying Apple Computer in Europe 11:12 | How are the disadvantages of using a new chip overcome? 14:41 | I’ve been looking forward to this for a long time and it comes surprisingly fast … #bobtuannghia #unbox #macmini with # m1chip and it’s a #nobrainer ___________________________ 📷 Instagram –
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📨 Email: [email protected] If you have long questions, please email me! ___________________________ About Bob Tuan Nghia: My name is Tuan Nghia, people often call me Bob, I’m currently studying economics in Leuven, Belgium. I make videos about my life and share my experiences and perspectives. Every day I also try to read and learn new things, then bring it back to share with everyone. I am very excited about travel and culinary experiences. I also cook often, like to learn foreign languages ​​and have a passion for technology. Hope my sharing will be useful to everyone! If you like the video, press the “Like” button because it will help me appear more on YouTube! And press the “Subscribe” button if you are waiting for your next video! 😉 Thank you very much! 😊.

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  1. Trong khi ở Việt Nam mn thi nhau mở macbook m1
    Mình tìm mãi mới có ng mở hộp mac mini m1

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