Apple Magsafe Battery Pack Review! I LIKE IT BUT…

So after hearing all the negative talk about the Apple MagSafe Battery Pack, I had to go out and try one out for myself! With the Otterbox and Anker battery packs being nearly half the price, does the Apple Battery Pack have what it takes to contend with the high price point?


Apple MagSafe Battery Pack: (Amazon) Anchor 622 MagGo: (Amazon)
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Otterbox MagSafe Battery Pack:–5k-mah%2F78-80534.html%3FKPID%3D78-80534&cjsku=78-80534
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  1. Made a mistake in the video on the battery capacity. I said it was only 1460maH but it’s two cells so it’s 2920, my bad! I don’t get all the statistics right, I just speak on how it performs lol.

  2. I bought the MagSafe Battery Pack for those days when I know I’ll use and abuse the iPhone’s battery, for example for recording plenty of video, just for the piece of mind of knowing the iPhone will make to the end of the day. I’ll start the day using the battery and I’ll remove it when it’s discharged, whenever that happens, leaving the iPhone at 100% at that time.

  3. Is it necessary to buy this charger if you have an iPhone 13 Pro Max? Also I have a 20W charger with a lightning cable, would it make sense for me to get even a magsafe wireless… or should I just stick with the cable since my phone would probably not die due to the 13 Pro Max having an outstanding battery?

  4. Don’t forget to do a review of the nomad leather case for this haha. That should add like 5% battery life just for style alone. I think the Apple MagSafe battery pack works for me because I use it in my EDC bag with an anker 20w charger and usb cable. So I can fast charge the phone through lightning and the apple charger. Def a battery extender vs a battery pack that I consider mophie and other make.

  5. Less than 1500 mAh for $100, Apple is jacking folks. I definitely prefer battery cases over these. They look like those parasites you see on a shark in the ocean. Cases ftw imo.

  6. I appreciate this video as I just recently purchased it. I view it as a battery extender, not charger. Thanks for sharing. Blessings on your day.

  7. My dude, you have to tell it to charge past 90% from the low power mode toggle in you control center. It's programmed by default to only charge to 90% to reduce strain and aging on the battery. C'mon man! But I never turn that on because I don't need 100% battery all day. I just need the phone to stay on until I go to bed at midnight, which the MagSafe battery pack does beautifully.

  8. Tee….you need to check out the other reviews. Yes, the battery is slower, and less Mah, but there’s a reason it runs cooler. It’s designed to preserve battery health. And if you want to charge past 90%, go to Control Center – Low Power – Charge past 90%. Also, with the battery on the iPhone, plug it in and it converts to a full MagSafe charger (at the full 15Wt). Still not ideal for the average person, but for those of us in the know, it’s clutch. I kept mine as a top up battery, less as a (battery) life preserver.

    But that Otterbox….man, you made me a believer. Getting one soon. Well worth having two options.

  9. I read some reviews on it and someone made a good point. Someone said to think of it more as a battery extender rather than a battery portal charger and after changing that mindset, it made sense. After charging mine up at night and heading out to work in the morning around 7:30am , my 100% battery lasts about 2/3 hours more with it on. The battery pack doesn’t die on me until about 8:30 pm. (Hopefully that made sense) but that mindset switch definitely made me a lover of this product because I was skeptical in the beginning too.

  10. My take on the Apple Battery Pack is that its a portable Magsafe Wireless Charger with built-in battery, detachable cable, battery longevity features and Apple ecosystem. It's worth the $99 depends on how you look at it. If you don't have a Magsafe Wireless Charger and looking to buy one, you can consider the Apple Battery Pack instead. It charges the iPhone 13 15W wirelessly WITH 20W charger attached to it and 5W when you use it as a portable power bank. Overall I see no cons except the colour selection, I would like to see other colours.

  11. One thing I feel everyone should understand:
    This is not meant to charge you’re phone to 100% no matter the circumstance. Also it’s more of a battery extender than a proper battery pack. It’s main purpose is to give you enough extra battery to last you until you eventually get to a plugged into wall charger. That’s why it would not charge past 90 something % because thats not what it was meant for. Great review though!

  12. Bought it for 80€ on discount on Amazon and the MagSafe clear case for 30€ looks so good with the gold 13 pro – can’t complain for these prices tbh…but 100€ and more is way to overpriced

  13. dope wallpaper. otter box caused my phone to overheat and screen to go dim so that is kinda concerning. question. the apple battery pack. what was the pack % at when it got your phone to 90%? was it drained completely?

  14. I never understood the need for portable wireless charging. My car and motorcycle both have Carplay and Android Auto which requires the phone be plugged in anyway. I do have a Apple Magsafe charger on my desk. But it puts more heat in the phone than the 20 watt Apple charger on cable. I do have some old school power bricks I keep around to top up battery's for my GoPro and Osmos Action when on the fly in the car or bike. Or to bail somebody out that needs a quick charge. I keep two 10k mAh in the car and a 26.8 mAh on the motorcycle. Now I did use power bricks for my Android work phone before I retired. Because I used them hard and was always multitasking. It was either one Android device or two Iphones to get the same job done.

  15. I have the Anker charger, and I get annoyed having to charge it after bringing my iPhone 12 Pro up to 90-100%.

    Can’t imagine how annoying it must be charging the Apple one after every use, and still not getting the phone full juice. Even when it’s intended to be a “battery extender” vs a full on charger, the fact you have to charge it constantly is a huge detractor.

  16. This battery pack is just supposed to give you an extra charge to hold you over when you need it. It’s not supposed to fully charge your phone hence why at a certain percentage it slows down. It’s for those who don’t want to carry a Mophie for example, and want something convenient.

  17. After watching this I felt like I kinda miss the old bulky battery pack that’s with the silicon case itself. 😂😂. But I get it they are moving forward with MagSafe

  18. Do you really need it to get to 100? This is only meant to get you through the day, you will easily make it all day if you started with your phone and MagSafe charger full.

  19. My power went out and my wife's phone was at 15% the apple mag charged her phone to 70% pretty quick but the a ker charged mine to a 100 . I think it's a good emergency battery to keep in a bag or car but the 100 dollar price is way to much like 49.99 and it would be a deal .

  20. At the moment, wireless chargers have big drawbacks. It's not for nothing that Apple was in no hurry to introduce wireless charging to iPhones. It looks like they had to add wireless charging to iPhones because it became popular. But I think that their own designs are often more effective. The battery cover was more efficient. Perhaps they need to continue to adhere to their views on technology.

  21. Nice review Tee I’m on the fence about this charger I’m an apple fan . I’ve just bought a MagZE juice 2 from pitaka . What do u think 😎💯🇮🇪

  22. Great review, agree that its overpriced. I have the apple MagSafe battery and the old Anker battery pack.

    Apple has the software integration and it won’t charge if you do something intense on the phone to preserve the battery health. Played som games and the pack stayed at 100% while my phone was draining…
    And if you want it charge past 90 %, you have to select in control center by pressing the low power mode toggle and select “charge past 90%”. If you turn of optimized charging in battery settings, nothing happens, just so you know. And it keeps the phone in “mobile mode”, that why it’s cooler.
    And as someone else said in the comments, it’s two cells so it’s 2920mAh because the Wh is 11.13 Wh.

    I love Anker because of the capacity and because it will charge no matter what you do. But it comes at a cost of heat and more degraded battery health. And it puts the phone in “charge mode” which starts updating everything and that’s why it’s hotter to.

    So I guess both have their usefulness but Apple’s is overpriced for sure and the others give you more value for the money 👍

  23. Excellent review … I chose it because it’s a pop on and don’t worry about it and if I ever decide to keep my phone for 2-3 years I know I’ll have more battery capacity going forward…

  24. I bought it three times to try it out and returned it all three times. I recently purchased an Anker 622 (MagGo Battery Pack), and it’s a whole lot better, actually charges the phone and is a kickstand!

  25. Hi Technically Tee. Loving your videos. Could you recommend a usb-c power bank for those who doesn’t want to use the MagSafe ones? Thanks

  26. Get the 10,000mah Baseus , the 10,000mah Herrbol and the 5000mah Talk Works on Amazon and then do the comparison review! 👍🏽✊🏽

  27. I don’t use anything that would harm my battery. No wireless charger, no battery pack. And I like my battery health high😁

    Great video as always, man👍


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