Is M1 Max worth $400 extra?

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Apple Silicon has left a lasting impression for both its CPU and GPU power, but could a 14 inch laptop really do the M1 Max SoC justice, or is this MacBook too specialized for its own good?

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Intro animation by MBarek Abdelwassaa
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0

0:00 Intro
1:05 M1 Max
1:50 Specs
2:50 Comparison
3:29 Benchmarks
5:16 Davinci Resolve
5:51 Cinema4D Redshift
7:07 Gaming Benchmarks
8:50 CPU Discussion
10:41 Thermals
11:22 Battery Life .

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  1. You need a fair price/price comparison, M1 max needs the humiliation of facing a 3080 in a proper chassis and cooling, and if possible add the comparison with a similar chassis at the same price of M1 max.

  2. Or, you know, Apple once again lied about the capabilities of their hardware which is once again laughable against hardware that is a fraction of the price.
    Anyone buying apple products these days are just too stupid to utilize the processing power anyways, lol.

  3. But the important question is the battery life on the Zepharys vs the Mac when pushing their performance capabilities

  4. Linus and team doing bogus/ biased/ illogical tests to trash the M1 series chips superiority. Completely different results on Max's channel.

  5. Blender 3.1's metal support is very nice. I still don't think it beats out some of the higher end RTX cards, but it still performs very well, even in the alpha stages

  6. Well, to be honest being able to even enter benchmark against Top of the Line Ryzen (or Threadripper 😀 ) and 3090 is quite an achievement.

  7. This was very informative as always. Can you compare these 2 for music production, and see if Max Pro is worth the upgrade?

  8. It’s not just about memory bandwidth. Memory latencies are more important in the vast majority of software. This is why DDR4 still outperforms DDR5 😉

  9. Please only compare apps/programs that run natively on windows and mac machines. Don't run apps/programs that require rosetta in your seemingly biased "comparison". Apple already said rosetta is just a stopgap until native apps arrive. Power efficiency matters, no matter what you say, it matters. No one in his/her right mind thinks macs are for gaming. Apple has a larger gaming revenue than Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, and Activision combined. Just another way of saying apple doesn't care about gaming on macs, because you can already do that on iPad and iPhone already. If you're not coding, doing music production, or video production, you should seriously consider a windows PC. I have a killer gaming desktop and a 16-inch M1 Max MacBook Pro because it's super portable and gives me full performance on the go, without needing to plug in, all day.

  10. lol … dude …. You just profoundly disgust me … i know i know .. story of your lige … already heard it all … no pb. I am just eliminating your chanel from the youtube suggestions… cheers

  11. just got the m1 max (maxed out) I'm not impressed with the performance. Cinema 4d crashes a lot and I can't create complex animations. Really bummed

  12. Mac's are still trash I'm shocked return to your normally scheduled program. Only reason I thought about buying one was because of their Linux support overpriced garbage along with lame ass iPhones🤣

  13. This thing can not replace my g15. Only weights 4.5lbs. It runs over 100fps on most games on 1440p. It cost 1600. Gona wait until it is optimized then maybe Mac can game.

  14. Ok, so finally sincere benchmarks, so m1 is actually just overhyped, you’d still do better with an actual 3080 – same price level pc with a dedicated nvidia gpu – it seemed like everyobe agreed m1 was better than anything..
    Ok this metal support might prove it worth..
    I’m interested in the rendering side.. blender and simulations – please do some smoke or fluid simulations – it’s the most difficult thing to process – depends on latency of memory and everything really

  15. Soooo Apple is good for video editing…because Apple.

    I viewed this video in a real world test and I failed all the tests except editing my comment.

  16. Btw., Blender 3.1 Alpha is out with early Metal support. The M1 Max is essentially twice as fast as a 3080 at the same wattage, roughly same speed when 3080 runs at max power consumption (plugged in only and with fans blaring of course).

    And that is an Alpha release …

  17. Max Tech have done a response video to this revealing a surprising and very concerning set of anomalies in the data presented in this video suggesting either serious issues with testing methodology or massive pro Intel bias. An update urgently needed by the Linus team to respond to those observations and recover lost credibility.

  18. Blender just updated to use the GPU on M1 Macs. Never mind that probably this shouldn't have been a comparison but are you going to update the test?

  19. 2:54 That's a bold choice to use a 90's brick phone as a pointing device instead of literally anything else. What a delightfully weird repurposing of e-waste, I fully support it.

  20. Wow you guys have taken this to another level. First I've been a PC user since 95 and still am.
    So I'm confused on this review of the m1 Mac because it clearly blows anything in the PC realm but we pretend or rather you Linus tech tips pretends that it's not as good by using hand-picked comparisons. Are you seriously scared that Max are going to take over so you will lie and say it's not that good when it f**** clearly is. Give props were props is due

  21. This test is so completely different with the test from other Mac Max fan youtubers.
    That other test claim Mac Pro M1 Pro or Max beat all out other laptop, even GPU like 3060 or even 3080.
    But now I know, that is not true at all.
    Now I wonder, if all of those tests are cherry pick tests.

  22. Where's the 16" Maxed out M1 Max MacBook Pro? Where's The World of Warcraft Comparison? Where's the PC vs Mac Battery Life Comparison? Where are all the Unplugged Performance Comparisons? Where's the 3D Mark Wildlife Extreme Comparison? Where's the Firefox Compile Test Comparison? Most Importantly where are all the DaVinci Resolve, Premiere Pro, After Effects, Photoshop, and other comparisons?

  23. Below average review…. AND totally ARBITRARY conclusions based upon very specific tests! But framework/INTEL BLURRED your vision………

  24. So, the M1. The MacOS hinders the entire thing by preventing it from being able to run exes and 32-bit files without installing numerous 3rd party programs that require changing settings. However, this thing is amazing for emulation in most cases, except for the Citra 3DS emulator and very rarely OpenEmu's DS emulation, but DS emulation a Desmume issue and not a Mac issue I think. This thing runs Fightcade, Megaman X4, most of the Touhou games I've been able to get, and my DS library smoothly and is only hindered by my lack of familiarity with MacBook keyboard keystrokes. If you want a good emulation box, try to find a used M1 MacBook Pro online because once they get a fingerprint on them, their resale value drops more than my math grade in high school.

  25. World of Warcraft fps pretty much makes LTT feel like CNN. Now I’ll have to vet everything myself, or better yet, I’ll just go watch Max Tech. Sorry, not sorry Linus, you should know better.


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