How To Fix Face ID Is Not Working On iPhone X/XR/XS/ XS Max 2020

Hello everyone !!! I have given all information regarding iPhone Face ID not working is 100 % . so please watch full video properly.
for water damage follow this link –
this method is 100% effective.
Thank you all
#FixiPhoneFaceID .

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  1. My Daughter Birthday iPhone I Got Her From Ebay Came Along With Activation Lock, After Trying several ways for unlocking it all not working, saw a recommendation at the comment section about HACKINGTOOLSONLINE PAGE ON INSTAGRAM, It took him about 45min Minutes to get it done Successfully

  2. Oh gosh! veshtools on lnstagram got the best service on iCloud unlock, I strongly recommend this dude to y’all. He’s and genius

  3. Wait so my phone sow that’s it’s not water damage but my Face ID don’t work how come or do it just so for the SIM card?

  4. I was in shower with my phone and my face id doesn’t work anymore can someone help me this I tried everything

  5. Mine was fixed perfectly with the help of zee_hack on Instagram he's reliable and trustworthy give him a try and you would never regret working with him

  6. if the facial ID is still not working, then you should check to see if the TrueDepth camera is not obstructed in any way. That is what the iPhone uses for this feature.

    The TrueDepth camera is located on the front of your iPhone, near the top. If your phone is in a case or there is a screen protector on it that is blocking the camera, then you will need to remove it for this feature to work correctly. Also, check for any dirt, grime, or other buildup.

  7. My iPhone has the same problem but I put my finger next to the camera and the Face ID work but only when the finger next to the camera tho🤦🏽‍♂️

  8. My phone is water damaged and I have dropped it loads of times but it still worked so ty all I had to do was force reset it

  9. For those who stuck in “put your phone lower or higher” phase. Just put Off your phone first, then put it On again. After that start to set up face recognition, it works. I just did 👍

  10. Can someone help me. my XR is advertised as waterproof so there was something sticky on my screen and I decided to just to a quick 5 sec rinse of water and now my Face ID is just dead I’m so confused. it’s been 2 months and it just doesn’t work will apppe know it’s water damage or what and is it even supposed to be broken

  11. My cameras had water and now it’s gone, my screen for my Xr got a tiny water damage and now it doesn’t work, I try to add a new face but all it does is tell me to move the camera up or down

  12. I restarted my phone many times
    No water damage to my phone
    8 months old
    I even updated it but still face id didn’t worked
    “ face id not available try setting up later”
    I couldn’t setup my face id

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