Comparing Apple Watch Series 7 Sizes On Wrist!

The Apple Watch Series 7 has a new design and 2 brand new sizes – the 41mm and the 45mm.

It was hard to tell how they were going to fit me, so I decided to pick up both and test them every day for 2 weeks.

In this video, I compare how they look on my wrist and talk about my real-world experiences using them.

To save you some time:
0:00​​ 👋 Intro
0:25​​ 💬 Upfront Conclusion
0:54​​ 📏 Wrist Measurements
1:40​​ 👷‍♂️ Dimensions
2:10​​ 🤜 Size Comparison on Wrist
5:07​​ ⌚️ Screen Size
6:38​​ 🔋 Battery Performance
7:15​​ 🤑 Price & Value for Money
8:00​​ 🎨 Band Choice .

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  1. My wrist size is 6 inches, which size of the Apple Watch (series 7) do you recommend for me to buy?

  2. Looked for video comparisons because I currently have a 45 on my wrist and was wondering whether I should swap to the 41. Your video was great and has convinced me to go check out the 41 before committing to the 45. I have small wrists and hands and the 45 feels bulky and gets in the way of my hand movements. Thanks for the help!

  3. You were wearing the watches too far down your wrist… Apple Watch shouldn’t be worn like an ordinary wristwatch, it should be worn slightly further away from the hand! Plus the size of Apple Watch Series 7 shouldn’t be dictated by the size of our wrists, I have fairly slim wrists for a male but wear the 45mm Series 7 and do not feel uncomfortable with the larger size on my wrist, the more screen estate the better IMHO. Of course at the end of the day it comes down to personal preference but you seem to be dictating which screen size viewers of the video should wear…

  4. What an incredible video mate! I love your honesty and positive attitude. I was thinking about getting the Apple Watch but the battery just doesn’t work for me. I’ve been using my Garmin 945 and averaging 5 days on a single charge. But if I do get anything else, I’d get the 41mm AW thanks for your help.

  5. Out of all the research I’ve done, reading articles and watching videos, this was by far the most informative and useful I’ve come across. You helped me decide on the 41mm Nike Apple Watch 7.

    Thanks man! Very helpful 👊🏻

  6. Ok I get it you absolutely do not like the giant , bulky, heavy watch. Now one arm is longer than the other because the 45 mm watch weighs so much. Less than 4 min into the vid and you have put the 45 mm watch down several times. By the end of the vid im guessing you will recommend the smaller watch. But, what about people with poor eyesight? Will the smaller watch work for that crowd ?

  7. Very good, pleasing and happy demeanour and easy to listen to (and of course the content was spot-on).

  8. I ordered the 45mm one and I am going to wait and see how it fits me and also to see if I have any complaints about it and if I do I will just take it to the Apple Store and swap it out for the 41mm one. It won't get here till the end of December anyway.

    I am concerned though after watching several videos. I don't know if I want what will look and feel like my TV on my wrist but then again I am a guy. (Said every guy ever, I know).

  9. I have 167mm and I really dont know which one should i choose. I saw in Store the 45mm version and i think it looked much better For me than 40mm SE one. Im not really gonna use it For sports do I think 45mm is better version For me. What do you think?

  10. I have small wrists and was suffering from big screen fomo. This video helped me decide on the 41, glad I got that one thanks!

  11. Welp… mine arrives in a couple of hours and wish I had gotten the 41mm now. Will make the best use out of it 👍 ✅

  12. Hi. Great video! My wrist size is 170 mm and I think I can wear both but I believe Is better 41. The 45 mm didn’t look bad but 41 mm looks like more than a traditional watch . I prefer it.
    Thanks for making a fantastic video

  13. Hallo

    Door u voor de mooie, goede en duidelijke uitleg, ik ben nu over gestapt van de Apple serie 5 aluminium 44mm naar de apple watch series 7 stainless steel graphite 45mm. Vindt het een grote update… Vanwege het grotere scherm en roestvrij stalen kast. Ben er erg blij mee😁 vooral in combinatie met de leather link band midnight.

    Dank u wel

  14. Basically a guy having 1.33k subscribers turned out to be more helpful than those having millions of subscribers. Thank you bro for saving everyone at least $30 exclusive of taxes and the time it takes to overthink about the perfect size.

  15. Hello Safwaan, what's your wrist size? cm or inches. I have seen i watch 6 series close up and they do look small for me.

  16. I am at an office Christmas party and you are sitting across from me chatting to two young ladies. And me? I am trying to see what size Apple Watch you’re wearing! Happy YULtide!

  17. Hey Safwaan, I’m coming from a S3 in 42mm and trying to decide between the 44mm SE or the 41mm S7 but I’m so torn for size comparisons🙈. Suggestions? Is the S7 41mm a similar size to the S3 42mm display? Was happy with the size of the 42mm, and while I liked the bigger display on the 45m S7, it felt like it was too big and might get scratched on stuff all the time…. Otherwise is the difference between the 44 SE display and the 41 S7 display all that different? I’ll be happy to go with a S7 41 if the screen sizes are similar (not too worried about the case sizing between the two) Great video otherwise! 🙂

  18. I ordered 45mm, after watching this video & comments I felt that I made a mistake, now what to do???

  19. Thank you for this. I’m at about 155mm wrist size and coming from a series 2 at 42 mm and there’s so much hype over the 45mm I was feeling pressured but afraid it would be too big. After seeing it on your wrist and you actually USING it (no one seems to show) plus your real world experience about the smaller one fading into the background of your life it made my decision.

  20. Bought the 41mm version. It just fits and looks better. The 45 mm screen won't help me see the text any better either. I need glasses with both watches.
    Great video!

  21. The FOMO of screen size. You addressed the factor which made me torn between getting the 45mm and 41mm. In the end, I chose the 41mm starlight as it is more comfortable as my daily wear as compared to the bigger size. Thanks for the video!

  22. I am getting my first Apple Watch the SE 44mm and I just love bigger screens in general (have my 13 pro max phone and i feel like it’s the perfect size when people say it’s too big) I have quite small wrists so I’ll see how the 44mm looks on otherwise I’ll switch it out for the smaller one if it’s not functional.your review was so great, so glad to see a review that covers sizing for everyday activities! The way it is filmed is great as well- quality editing angles top notch👍🏻


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