Jailbreak news 2022 | Infidels and Shukran | Jailbreak iOS 15.2 and iOS 14.8

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In today’s video, we talk about everything you need to know about the jailbreak world, whether the new Uncover jailbreak that supports iOS 14.6 to iOS 14.8, and also everything new about the Uncover jailbreak and thanks for the ios 15 updates to ios 15.2 ✅ More information about the new Uncover jailbreak for iOS 14.8 here : https://bit.ly/3Jpo8XT

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:: Video Sections :: 0:00 Introducing Video Content 0:25 Uncover iOS 14.6 – iOS 14.8 1:49 Uncover iOS 15 – iOS 15.0.2 3:11 Uncover iOS 15.2 – iOS 15.3 4 :25 Jailbreak Thank you iOS 15 – iOS 15.2 💡 If you have an iPhone, these are links to some of the most important explanations that you can benefit from 🥰👇🏼 Why 10 features in iOS 15 do not support iPhone X/8/7/6s 🥲
iOS 15 Features | More than 60 hidden features 😍 Surprise in the battery 😱
How does the iPhone know the death of its owner? To whom does he send his files? iOS 15
The easiest way to jailbreak iOS 14.4 – iOS 14.7.1 Windows
How to keep your iPhone battery life 100% for a year or more
How to delete more space on iPhone | Clear other from iPhone storage 2021
How to send WhatsApp voice messages with different voices 😆🔥
7 useful iPhone features that are not found in Android 2021
How to easily identify original or imitation AirPods | AirPods Pro
The correct way to charge the iPhone and take care of the battery 2021
Video shooting with the screen locked and black | Secret iPhone Photography 😈
3 best music programs for iPhone without Internet 2021 | A program of songs for the iPhone without the net https://youtu.be/NqBPWa7Uc-4
* A new way to lock iPhone apps with a password without iOS 14 jailbreak
* How to add a mythical feature to change the iPhone wallpaper automatically iOS 14
* Unlock the iPhone with FaceID without removing the mask 😷
* Make the caller picture on the iPhone appear full screen 😍
* The easiest way to change iPhone ringtone without a computer iOS 14
* Enter discover hidden features in the iPhone that will shock you ❗️ 2021
* The best new iPhone shortcuts that will make your life easier iOS 14 Shortcuts
* Download iPhone themes from the iOS 14 appstore and change the theme without jailbreak 😍
* Creativity 😍 Automatic change of iPhone interface while charging without iOS 14 jailbreak
* Download GameBoy games on iPhone and iPad without jailbreak 😍🔥

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  1. السلام عليكم
    هل الجلبريك يدعم اصدار 14.7.1 للايفون 12 برو ماكس؟؟

  2. نحن في الشهر الاول من السنة الجديدة ولا يوجد شيئ اعتقد انو ابل تفوقت على مطوريين الجلبريك

  3. عندي مشكله لما يجي تثبيت جلبريك شيكرين BOOTING يعلق الجوال و الكمبيوتر ليه ؟

  4. خلص حدثته لآخر اصدار لمتى راح انتظر ليوم القيامة!!!!!

  5. سلام عليكم اخي أين طريقه انا تحديث14.6 ومنتضر الطريقة اخوان الي يعوف الطريقه يعلمني🖤🖤🖤

  6. سلام عليكم انا عندي مشكله جوالين ايفون 7 بلس مشكله اللايكلود الي يقدر يساعدني بدون مقابل

  7. اخي ليش الاعاب تسوي عندي اكراش بسبب التحديث هم اكو ادات تتخطاه


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