NEW 2020 Quad-Core MacBook Air vs 2020 Base MBA vs 2019 Base MBA | Worth the $100 Upgrade?

The NEW 2020 MacBook Air dropped and people have a lot of questions as buying a new MacBook is NO easy task. Whether you’re upgrading or buying a macbook air for the first time, this video aims to show how the $100 upgrade to the quad-core processor compares to the regular base MacBook Air that starts at $999. As you’ll see, you get TREMENDOUS improvements to performance for just $100. You can get a built to order MBA which is what I recommend EVERYONE to do and at the bare minimum, upgrade your processor before upgrading RAM or Storage as the quad-core makes the MBA a way more potent machine. As always, let me know what you think in the comments below!

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  1. Great video ! I don’t do video editing, games or music. I will get the cheap base i3 MBA model for now and in 2-3 years go for the 2nd gen Macbook ARM Sillicon. What do you think? 🤔

  2. ugh i really want the 2020 for college also bc the keyboard is so much better and the quad-core but i bought earlier this year the 2019 model!! 😭
    what should i do? nobody would want to purchase it and i'm just gonna lose money :

  3. Which laptop is good for programming nd machine learning macbook air 2020 i3 or macbook air 2019 ?

  4. I’m super glad to see the colour options side by side. Helping me decide between the space grey and silver

  5. What would be a good configuration for my work use: including emails, office softwares, software for writing medical notes, and multitasking above things?

  6. @TheJuan&Only what App are you using to monitor CPU usage, temperature, etc. I have pulled up activity monitor but I can't get it to look the same as yours, so I'm assuming its an app.

  7. I am going to be a college freshman in the fall. I am looking at being a rad tech. During school I could be manipulating some images… I could be I am not sure. I want to be prepared if so. I was thinking that the 2020 MacBook Air i7 would be best for my career. What do you think? I probably would only be doing image editing my jr or senior year.

  8. Great video just one thing – plz don't use white text over a lime green background in your charts ( @ 1:29). it's nauseating to read.

  9. Ok I want to play the sims without burning myself and I am torn between the i3 and the i5 plus I am a computer science major and will most likely to do heavy coding. But I really don’t wanna buy the i3 and then instantly regret it, what do y’all recommend

  10. Hey man, i’m having a hard time choosing the right specs for my macbook. I want to use it for schoolwork, but also for sneaker releases. When is the case, i need to have for example 30 self refreshing google tabs opened and running on Will this be an issue if i go for the 2020 air with i7 and 16gb ram? Or is the pro a must for these tasks. I’d also like to know if how bad the air i7 16gb ram will heat up (if it’s able to handle these tasks in the first place)

  11. Looking into a MacBook Air 16gb i5 for Lightroom & photoshop CC. Very light (and almost rare) iMovie editing. Would this be a good buy?

  12. Where is the battery life test results? That's what laptop people really want not all these irrelevant bench tests that are effectively meaningless for the target audience! I mean gaming? It's like doing an offroad test with a 2wd golf. ridiculous. sorry mate

  13. hello I wanted to ask you for advice.
    the macbook air 2019 with i5 and 128gb for € 999.00 or macbook air 2020 with i5 256gb for € 1279?
    mine would be normal use, sometimes I would render and use AutoCad and sketchup.
    thanks for the advice.

  14. I got the dual core 2020 model. And trust me guys it’s not as bad as these youtubers make it sound, it’s been plenty fast for everything I do with it. Granted, I am a light to moderate user, I don’t see the need for me to spend more money because at the end of the day a hundred dollars is still more money whether it’s a lot or not it still is…is a hundred dollars going to be worth it? Chances are no, only if you are playing games or rendering 4K video, which if that’s what you’ll do…then why wouldn’t you get the MacBook Pro?

  15. I’m thinking of buying a MacBook just for photography. I don’t really do heavy editing just tinkering really, I was thinking a 2012 mbp which I could then change the ram and ssd myself but now I’m thinking the mba quad but it’s a lot more money.

  16. Keep in mind that Apple on purpose didn't connect the heat sink to the fan to cripple the thermal performance


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