How AirPods Pro 2 will Change Wireless Audio FOREVER..

Apple’s original AirPods completely revolutionized the headphone industry with their truly wireless design, and now it’s time for …

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  1. Amazing people still buy this company's products with such poor battery life and non repairability . And now they scan your phone without one being aware?

  2. Me: upgrades to air pod pros

    Apple a day later: so we’re gonna remove the stems on the airpod pro 2s


  3. Sorry, there is no real need for a "new wireless audio transmission standard". Bluteooth 5.0 already has up to 3 Mbit/s …. Losless Audio with 16 Bit / 44 khz (with losless compression) never needs more than 1,5 Mbit. (Apple Music losless is around 1600 Mbit/s using 24 Bit/48 kHz)

  4. My AirPods gen 1 are dead due to the update 6.8.8 some time ago. Now I can either wait for apple to fix them (which it does not seem they care about) or I can buy new AirPods (think i would go for the pros). However, do you think I should wait for the pro 2? Or buy now?

  5. How much more power efficient is UWB vs Bluetooth? Perhaps this is a boost to Apple Watch battery endurance too? If so, why aren’t they using it already for devices that already have the hardware?

  6. So, all of us who purchased AirPods Max won’t even see this on them? WoW. $ flushed down the toilet.

  7. I dont understand what the airpods have to do with lossless audio. I remember my old Galaxy S10+ with Sony XM4 and Tidal were a killer combo because both Samsung and Sony supported LDAC codec. Iphone does not support any high fidelity codec, so even if the airpods get updated, the phone does not have the required codecs for high fidelity content. Am I missing something here?

  8. So would these new AirPods not be compatible with Macs, since they don’t have the ultra wide band chip?

  9. Does this mean I should buy new Airpods Pro, but can not use the Audio enhancement for watching movies on my iPad Pro or Mac?! Apple has the U1 since the iPhone 11. They could have easily prepared at least the M1 line up. The development of the Airpods Pro 2 probably took more than a year, so Apple new what hardware would be needed. Seems like a great way to push people to upgrade their devices again…😑

  10. What I would like to see is the Air Pods Pro 2 allow amplification of the local environment; ie hearing aid support. This would help greatly all of those like me with impaired hearing and would save us money no doubt. My current Oticon hearing aid coast $2200 EACH! Yes, the hearing industry rips us older folks off!!!

  11. Finally the masses will be able to make use of those 9 million lossless songs Apple Music is offering!

  12. So when does UWB come to Macs? A USB dongle so you don't have to throw away your barely a year old devices?

  13. Apple’s UWB is how they will communicate with the Apple glasses.. audio and data bandwidth HOG ? Oh Yeah

  14. Lossless audio will only work with Apple Music, that blows, I don’t have and don’t want to subscribe to Apple Music. Plus I don’t hear a huge difference between lossless audio and music from my AirPods. So it’s useless for me.

  15. How those re-designed airpods pro would fit in someone's ear without any other type of support? It's not that great already so I wonder how this would work

  16. I will only replace my Samsung Buds Pro once Airpods 3 don't have that little stem anymore and available in black 😤

  17. Shut up and take my money. I loved the gen one AirPods and currently the AirPods Pro. Imagine the battery live with UWB in the future AirPods Pro, even when using loserless audio, or using ALAC or AAC. I remember the 1990/2000 when we bought our CD's and ripped them via CDEx. I always used the new dynamic bitrate encoders, the soud was so much better then the 128 kbps ones. Of course you needed more storage on your buffered cd mp3 player. It was the new shit.


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