Apple M1 Max chip vs Intel Core i9 12th gen

Apple M1 Max chip vs Intel Core i9 12th gen
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The bitter rivalry between Intel and Apple has reached a new level. Formerly united in their desire to ship “Core”-powered MacBooks, these two tech titans have split up. Apple is now prepared to handle laptop production entirely on its own, utilizing in-house ARM processors known as M1 chips.
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Apple claims that the benchmark results for their ARM-based M1 chip outperform Intel. Furthermore, they claim that the M1 is the fastest processor on the market today. And it certainly sounds as if it should be. The M1 processor is an octa-core chip with four performance and four efficiency cores. It also has eight-core graphics and a 16-core Neutral Engine, which are designed to provide up to 15 times faster machine learning performance.
Because of the eight-core GPU, M1-based computers outperform the onboard quad-core Intel chips found on older Macbook Pro logic boards in terms of graphics performance.
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#AppleM1MaxchipvsIntelCorei912thgen #Productreviewhub #Applem1maxchip #intelcorei9 .

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