Minimalistic iOS developers Mac Mini Setup 2020

Minimalistic iOS developers Mac Mini Setup 2020
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I used this setup for a while – most of the last year. In my opinion, the Mac mini still is the best price/value computer for iOS development. CPUs are very powerful compared with used in MacBook Pro models and RAM is upgradable. A workhorse for developers who do not need mobility and spent most of the time at home or work office.
I’m planning to change setup a bit when I will get my hands back on MBP, so this was a good time to record review video.

🎶 Music I use in videos:

Let’s be friends:

👨‍💻 My development gear:
Big 49” Monitor:
24 ”4K Monitor:
16” MBP For Programming:
Mac mini:
Favorite Mechanical keyboard:

🎥 YouTube video gear:
Big & pricey camera:
Big Full Frame camera:
Full Frame Youtube & all-around lens:
Small camera:
Small vlogging camera:
Affordable but great vlogging lens:
Fast YouTube & vlog lens:

💡 Lights:
Great affordable light what I use in videos:
Soft-box for light:

🎤 Sound:
Affordable & good Shotgun microphone:
Wireless microphone: .

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  1. You coding in native Obj-C / Swift or doing some RN/Flutter? EDIT: Looks like native. How's business? Seems the world is moving to hybrid. (barf)

  2. Hi Aivars Meijers, thank you so much for the video. I want to start developing iOS apps, I have some questions regarding this Mac Mini 2020 | i5 | 8GB of Ram (like yours).
    1. Can it run the simulator smoothly?
    2. What type of external storage do you recommend for this Mac Mini?
    3. What about the Mac Mini 2020 with i3 | 8GB of Ram | 256GB of storage, do you think the specs is too low for developing iOS?

    Please answer. Thanks in advance Aivars

  3. HI Aivars, I am new into IOS development and Now wanted a mac operating system. my budget is quite low mac mini 2018 would be a good option or not Plus I have heard from my friend that if you buy MacBook 15, You can not do development on MacBook 15, or 14. after every 3 to 4 years you have to buy new MacBook. is it true? Plus is that the same thing with Mac Mini.

  4. 2020 Mac mini base model good for programming? Xcode/Android studio, simulator and multiple chrom tabs. All this opened simultaneously. How will it function

  5. so minimalistic work space. If you have a workspace like this you definitely feel the urge to work🥰

  6. Hi Aivars, for programming, what do you recommend on customizing? The memory or the processor ?
    I have an ancient macbook pro 13inch mid-2014 model, and I've been considering to upgrade for the longest time..
    I wanted to wait for the updated 16inch MBP (which might have a mini-LED display?) by late this year but I'm growing impatient with my machine lately, and now considering on buying a mac mini first .. WYT?

  7. Hello Aivars, great video. I have a Mac mini 2020 too. My monitor is Philips 27 inch 4k 3840×2160.

    When i try to use it with 4k resolution everything is so small and I can't read the text can't use it. When I scaled it down to say 2k – 2560×1440 (retina), it affects performance. With light and strong applications like Sketch, Xcode, Final Cut Pro it's not a problem they works well. But like Gravit Designer, Invision Studio .. apps they really do not work well. 

    When I use 2k with no-retina, performance is great but on 27 inch display quality drops because it's not retina and native resolution of the display is 3840×2160. 

    Which resolution do you use? Do you see performance issues too when using with scaled resolution? I think I had to buy bigger display like 32 inch etc. What do you think? I think If I connect an egpu performance issue will be resolved with scaled but retina resolution.


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