You Have NEVER Seen a Laptop Like this XPS 13 Plus (9320) Alder Lake + XPS 15 & XPS 17 CES 2022

M1 Max MacBook Pro Killer?
You Have NEVER Seen a Laptop Like this XPS 13 Plus
(9320) Alder Lake + XPS 15 & XPS 17 at CES 2022. Stay tuned for my XPS 13 Plus Review. #CES #CES2022

⏩ 2TB PCIe 4.0 SSD (for intel)
⏩ 2TB PCIe 3.0 SDD (for AMD & intel 2nd Drive)
⏩ 64GB RAM 2x 32GB (Works)

⏩ Crucial DDR5 RAM

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#CES2022 #BestLaptops .

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  1. Have got the XPS15 from 2 years ago and it has been brilliant. Will onky upgrade when they hopefully get Ryzen chips

  2. It only has a 720p camera! That is ridiculous now! It should be a 1080p camera to match what Apple is doing!

  3. nah stay away from xps.. always have coil whine, battery and track pad thats shuts doen and freezes.. wtf.. .. years and years man how many xps have thr fkng coil whine.. STAY AWAY from yhis shit product

  4. Wow. Looks like 2022 is going to be an incredibly innovative year for technology. From all of ASUS' new models to these new Dell XPS laptops to the new Samsung innovations on the S22 line and Apple finally going to 120Hz displays…

  5. My only concern is Dell’s quality control….my previous experience was not very pleasant with their bad screen and coil’s whine….

  6. you know what? I bought 5 years ago a laptop some hp pavilion around 600euros. My gf got super fancy Microsoft pro with one USB 1k euros. After 5 years some issues started arising in both of this laptos – same CPU btw. There was screen tearing in Microsoft and laptop became useless. But mine low grade hp pavilion even that he started to having some sound artifacts when CPU load was high (some hardware issue), I connected external disk 3 tb disk to it (3 USB slots). Installed linux on it. And this machine is still SERVING me really well ! 🙂 While these expensive thin fancy laptop is pretty much … dead.

  7. Well I almost just bought an xps17… I think my five year old xps15 can hold off till this gen is out now 😉

  8. Don't know if anybody else has noticed this, but among longtime Dell users, the design of the XPS 13 Plus is familiar. In short, its keyboard looks almost exactly like the Adamo 13 — and its capacitive touch row looks exactly like that on the old Adamo, whic had volume and audio/video control icons lit up above the keyboard. The old Adamo was vastly underpowered with too little RAM, but was a design advance, and it seems Dell has not forgotten it…

  9. Dell made this prototypes to grab headlines. Its clarly not practical,cant be used in the EU as its virtually impossible to use by the visually impaired or blind let alone for fully sighted persons.

    Clearly manufacturing costs are rising and a whole spate of infantry was taken out to keep costs down. Whilst Dell failed to heed industry analysts it is quite incapable in moving away from the monopolies of intel and windows which took it to the steps of bankruptcy before.

    Dell needs to start innovating not cutting costs to survive. Who will it appeal to ? At 13 inches it is not productive and would be bought by existing shrinking pool of xps retail or acer aspire buyers. Clearly an intended concept fail from dell whilst buying time for AMD chips and linux eco systems to be developed.

  10. The clean look from the flush trackpad is very, very cool but for the sake of ergonomics and usability I wish dell had put some subtle light around it to show where it is. That would make the computer look even more futuristic too.

  11. Doesn't matter how good it looks, what counts is on the inside, and as long as it's running intel junk, stay away.

  12. >no USB-A
    >no 3.5mm jack
    >touchbar capacative buttons

    Why take away functionality for form?

  13. Probably better to compare with the MacBook Air (the M2 is slated for release early). Can't really see a comparable GPU with the MacBook Pros. It'll be interesting to see how well the touchpad works – nice idea but execution/integration will need to be beyond anything we've seen from Dell.

  14. Being more Apple than Apple and I like it (except the non-physical fn keys, would like those to have force trackpad like haptic feedback, which is very unlikely).

  15. At least they won’t need to worry about their awful quality control anymore with the trackpads double clicking 😂

  16. They better fix their crap speakers that are distorting/crackling with specific frequencies! No headphone jack in a laptop. They are insane. It's just for looking good.

  17. Not a fan of hinges that aren't at the back to be honest, would need serious specs to tempt me and can the new chips get anywhere near as cold as the M1?

  18. I knew that someone would get rid of the trackpad and do it like that. It couldnt have been anyone else other than dell with their excellent looking laptops

  19. The track pad is not the whole bottom. Its still in the center its just dumb because their is no guides so you know where it starts or ends and no headphone jack or SD port?

  20. It looks ugly as sin in my opinion. And after using capacitive buttons in a car and on an air fryer, I don't look forward to the same type of buttons for the function keys. The ever disappearing of ports as well definitely doesn't help. This one is a hard pass for me and would keep the previous generation instead; I like the carbon fiber anyway.

  21. It looks great. However, I believe that 13 inch laptops are no longer as practical. Most people need a 14 inch size (and can carry on a backpack the extra ounces) for the necessary ports and so on. The future should be 14, 16, and 18 inches in screen size.

  22. For an ultrabook it's an attractive option.
    Edit: RAM soldered on!! Oh no you cant upgrade it easily!
    Battery not replaceable either.

  23. i strongly believe after tried the weak on paper surface go that anyone should take the surface route, but this beautiful keyboard is so teasing me i, very korean design iriver/cowon style

  24. Intel killed the game just by adding more cores to mobile chips that along will make it worthwhile

  25. I'm just damn shocked that Alienware going to make the X14. I wonder is the X17 R2 still as OP as the original X17. I might get the 2nd version for my urge to use Microsoft Flight Sim 2020 on it 🙂

  26. I think they couldn't solve the hinge problem on Xpss' so they eliminate the hinge.. 🙂

    The look is nice but that Fn key row is enough for me to skip this model..


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