16" M1 MAX Macbook Pro (REAL USER) LONG TERM REVIEW 2022 – It’s Not As Perfect

After weeks of owning this laptop and extensively using it everyday, would i recommend it to everyone? NO! I find that it’s so good but i discovered some things that make this laptop not as perfect as it’s been called. Enjoy!

Hi! My name is Tayo Adegboyega (I’m also Thanos) and I currently live in Nanchang City, China.

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  1. Rock a Nigerian party LOL IM DEAD.

    Agree with all your points. Especially after travelling recently with it. It was a joy to use and not heavy to carry around. Absolutely a joy to use.

  2. Nice video man! I do agree with the USB A port, I still use them for time machine hard drives, midi keyboards. Mine should be coming soon, I bought an adapter, it should do the trick, let's just hope it doesn't run into these similar issues

  3. I have a 2015 15" that I have used every single day! But, it is time to upgrade. I've watched too many 14" vs 16" videos, but yours answered my questions. Thanks for the advice!

  4. dont use any third party cheap multi dongle to charge the macbook via usbc. they dont have voltage checker. I got one and it damaged one of the ports. Thank god I had applecare.

  5. Nice video very helpful I was looking into buying this laptop I’m a photographer and I wanted to really get into video editing so for a beginner i want something I can use for a long time do you recommend anything else or is this the right choice?

  6. Oh, a Nigerian accent. That makes sense. Before I was permanently confused. Because the accent sounded mostly american with a slight under current of british.

    So my mind was slowly melting down trying to figure out what area of england or america would generate that mix.

    Also the review was really good and high quality too. It was in depth, without being onerously long.

  7. For hard drives, never buy dongles, always get a single cable to eliminate those connection adaptor issues, you can get a new cable that fits for a couple of dollars.

    Edit: It isn't because is doesn't have USB type a, it's most likely a Monterey bug. I have had those freezing beach balls countlessly in logic pro when changing normal settings, without any external storage connected

  8. Fingerprints and smudges don't come off when you try to clean it? That sounds crazy, its made of aluminium 😀

  9. The problem is the Lacid drive, it is the bottle neck. Old mechanical ⚙️drive are very slow compared to ssd…🙏. Blessings


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