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I believe that fans who love Harry Potter are very envious of the wizard’s spell ability. In fact, Siri can understand Harry Potter spells, and it can also trigger the iPhone magic function. It is also Apple’s hidden Siri Easter egg function. A Siri Harry Potter spell can have different effects. This article will teach you how to use your iPhone to trigger a Siri Harry Potter spell and instantly turn you into a little wizard.

How to say Harry Potter spells with Siri?Trigger instantly with 5 wizard spells

How to use Siri Harry Potter spells on iPhone?

First of all, you need to change the Siri language of the iPhone to “English” to trigger the Siri Harry Potter spell, mainly because only the English version of Siri can understand the wizard spell, otherwise the Chinese version of Siri will have no effect, changing Siri The language method is as follows:

Step 1. Open the iOS “Settings” app and tap “Siri & Search”.

How to Use Siri Harry Potter Spells on iPhone

Step 2. After selecting “Language”, click “English (United States)”, you can click “Siri and Search” in the upper left corner, and you can start saying the following Siri Harry Potter spells to the iPhone.

How to use Siri Harry Potter spells on iPhone 1

How to use Siri Harry Potter spells?

Harry Potter Spell “The Wand Glows”

Saying “Lumos” in the Harry Potter spell can make the wand top light shine. Similarly, we can say “Hey Siri Lumos” to Siri, and it will turn on the iPhone flashlight directly. If you want to turn off the flashlight (flash), You can also say another Siri Harry Potter mantra “Hey Siri Nox” to automatically turn off the iPhone’s flashlight.

  • Hey Siri Lumos: Turn on the iPhone flashlight
  • Hey Siri Nox: Turn off the iPhone flashlight

Harry Potter Spell

Harry Potter Spell “Summoning Spell”

The Harry Potter Summoning Spell is “Accio”, which is mainly used to fly distant targets to yourself. This can also be used on Siri, just say “Hey Siri Accio “app name” to the iPhone (English required) , Siri will automatically open the App immediately, trigger the magic command to open the App, doesn’t it feel amazing?

  • Hey Siri Accio App Name: Open the specified app

Harry Potter Spell

Harry Potter Spells “Life-Throwing Spell, Flying Spell”

There are also two Harry Potter spells, namely the life-threatening spell “Hey Siri Avada Kedavra”, and the automatic flight search spell “Hey Siri Wingardium Leviosa”, of which “Avada Kedavra” makes the enemy kill the attack spell, but in the Siri will dim the iPhone’s flashlight and put the phone into airplane mode, which is equivalent to letting the phone die.

However, the test of these two spells, Mr. Crazy, has not been successful for the time being. You can try it to see if it can be achieved. If you can, please leave a message below how to trigger it.

Function summary

After learning the above five Siri Harry Potter spells, you can instantly become a wizard. Muggles who don’t believe in magic, quickly pick up your iPhone and experience it.

Of course, Siri not only understands magic terms, but can also implement a quiz function. When everyone is reunited, after turning on the quiz function through Siri, it will randomly ask 10 questions to see who can answer correctly in the shortest time. See who is smarter.

Siri Quiz Game

More useful functions:

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