MacBook Air (M1, 2020) Is SHOCKINGLY Fast!

Apple’s new M1 equipped MacBook Air is the start of a new era for the Mac platform. Not only does the MacBook Air come with a new powerful M1 chip that is outscoring the 16 inch MacBook Pro, but it’s doing this all without a fan. The MacBook Air is the biggest jump that I have ever seen in year over year performance when you compare it to the 2020 intel version of the MacBook Air. The MacBook Air seems like it can almost handle everything, and I think the performance is truly going to shock you.

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  1. 16 GB of RAM is not enough. This should support 64 GB. Why this laptop is focused on iPad. Get the iPad Pro with 16 GB of RAM in 2021. Much better camera and does not have the memory hog that of Catalina and Big Sur. Small Sur, just warning you.

  2. Which is the best option for this Black Friday?
    a) Buying the 16” MBP 2019, and later upgrade to the M1 16” MBP 2021 or
    b) Buying the M1 13” MBP 2020, and later upgrade to the M1 16” MBP 2021

  3. ah man, this M1 chip is a performance beast! Its shocking to have that kind of a performance … in an Air? kind of wonder what the macbook pros are going to be like??!!

  4. What ticks me off is that there is absolutely nothing under the hood that is fixable or upgradable. Need or anticipating any sort of upgrade? Get what you need now or you are looking at replacing the laptop.

  5. I would love to see compilation times for the new Macs. Something like Firefox would be great. Because as awesome as all the video editing performance boost sounds, if there is a downgrade in compiling performance. Then for me it's just an expensive paperweight. Virtualization support would be interesting too.


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