Apple Silicon M1 Mac Mini Initial Impressions! IT’S FOR REAL!

I’ve been using the brand new M1 Mac Mini for the past few days and I’ve gotta say, Apple wasn’t fibbing when it comes to the power on their new processor.

This computer costs less than the cost of an iPad but it does so much more!

What can it do?

Lets find out!

M1 Mac Mini

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  1. Since the new M1 Mac enabled Blackmagic Disk Speed Test just came out today, it reveals much higher disk speed benchmarks on M1 Macs than the previous Disk Speed Test running under Rosetta 2. My M1 Mac Mini with 1TB SSD drive and 16GB RAM now has a write speed of 3200 MB/sec, whereas my stock M1 Mac Mini with 8GB RAM and 256GB SSD drive only gets a much lower write speed of 2100 MB/sec. Both the 1TB and 256GB drives get an average read speed of about 2800 MB/sec. I had seen many reviewers saying the SSD size did not change the SSD disk speed, but now that we have the latest updated M1 Mac native Disk Speed Test, that turns out to be false. The larger the SSD disk size the faster the write speed on the M1 Mac Mini (not sure if this is the case on the new M1 Macbook Air or Macbook Pro as I do not have these).

  2. now I'm thinking what if apple decided to also research and develop it's own screens back in the day…

  3. The Mac Mini has been my main computer since 2005. I am so excited about getting a new one. Unbelievable, how fast its grown up and what they've done to it!!

  4. Not a fan of not being able to upgrade components at the prices available vs. the price Apple charges for this, but I'll likely still be getting one early next year. I'm needing more than 250 GB of storage so will be paying for that upgrade and will be living with the 8 GB RAM.

  5. I need some tips. I seriously still edit video on a MacBook Pro 2006. I know. Spec stuff gives me anxiety. I want to get something new but don’t know what to look for. Suggestions please?!?! The Mac mini sounds so good but I’d still have to buy a monitor and keyboard etc.

  6. Thanks for the video. You've mentioned GH5 footage. Can you please confirm 10bit 4:2:2 H264 .mov files (not the H265 10 bit 4:2:0 ones) play back smoothly on the M1 Mini? On my 16" MacBook Pro playback starts stuttering as soon as I add filters (i.e. Mojo 2 from Red Giant Software or even minor color corrections like adding LUTs etc).

  7. We have used iMac for many years as a home computer. However we fine the need for a desktop being less and less as we use our iPads. However once in a while it is nice to sit down to a real keyboard and large screen when real work needs to be done. I had planned to buy a MacBook, so I can put it away when not in use. But, what are your thoughts on a Mac Mini run through the TV, with wireless keyboard and mouse? My motivation is to get rid of the bulky desk that’s sole purpose it to hold the iMac that get used for half hour every other month or so.

  8. The performance of the M1 Mac Mini is Amazing! I went with the base model and replaced my iMac setup. 👍

  9. The M1 SoC cannot manage more than 16 GB of unified memory and two Thunderbolt ports. It is an entry-level machine.

  10. Great Video as always.
    Can you make a video comparison between the M1 Mac Mini & the 2020 27 inch iMac.

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