Mac Mini M1 | Is it good for Animators and 3d use? Blender, TV Paint

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  1. Hello
    All i do is video editing on Premier pro but particularly with a lot of plug in/ video effects. Someone how as the new Mac mini can tell me if it’s ok for my type of work ? I have search everywhere for the answer but I’ve find nothing. Thank you.😁

  2. Thank you for this, knowing Blender crashes in Cycles on the M1 is a huge issue. I know Luke Miani ran a couple of Blender tests which seemed to work with the classroom and BMW but he didn’t say if it was Eevee or Cycles. So it’s better to see it from a Blender creator’s standpoint.

    I was going to get the mini to replace my late 2014 iMac, might wait now! Thanks!

  3. Love the content. But we gotta work on that audio. It was hard to listen too and in 2020 that’s just unacceptable.

  4. All the answers I want to know That I have been looking for and following Which does not have from other clips You are on point Thank you for being the experimenter for thousands of other blender users using mac.

  5. Thank you very much, this is very useful to me. I was planning to buy a mac mini, but I am also using a blender for main work, your clips stop me. And wait for purchase when the cycles is fully functional on the M1 chip

  6. Your issue seems to be primarily a question of updating your software. Your version of Photoshop looks like it’s two years out of date.
    A better title for this video should be “wait till native apps are available”

  7. Really thanks for this video! If you wish click on my channel icon to watch my new blender animations.

  8. This is the review I am looking for for a while. Sadly, my iMAC broken on me 2 days ago, I had no choice. Sadlier, some of my design files have not been backed up. I use Blender, PS, AI, ID everyday, just wished my iMAC could last a few months longer. Thanks for sharing this. I believe a lot of designers are looking for this too.

  9. The new OS, Big Sur, deleted an old C library that has been deprecated for six years. Lots of programs didn't change to the new library, so they don't run.

  10. Apple is optimized for programs like Davinci resolve, Final Cut, Logic, Affinity, ect. The Adobe stuff will be on Adobe to figure out.

  11. This is the first time I've seen your channel and I just wanted to ask.., are there any lenses in your glasses?

  12. Will your other peripherals like printer and digital tablet/pen and scanner all work with the new M1 Macs? or do you need to get new drivers or do something different to get them to work? or do they fail to work at all?

  13. Thank you. I really liked to hear your experience with the new M1 as a creator and artist. As a little side note, I had to crank up the volume on my MBP 16" speakers to 50% level, which typically is way too high when consuming other content. 👍

  14. A few months ago I had the same issue with Photoshop. For me I was trying to disable the analytics because it’s pretty intrusive, and every year I like Adobe less and less. If Creative Cloud is broken, it’ll have this effect. I think I fixed it by changing my preferences to use the old fashioned file dialog or whatever it’s called. That bypasses Creative Cloud so hopefully that’ll help you too

  15. Thank you so much for created this honestly vdo. i am using my 13” macbook pro 2017 for learning the Blender 3d software and found that it’s really slow for me in rendering. So now i am looking for pc build. But i know what i like the most is macOS operation.
    I hope the softwares will fix soon for apple m1 if that come sooner i will go upgrade to the new mac mini. By the way your video helps me a lot! Thanks!

  16. Thanks! I've been waiting for someone to test the blender since the premiere. Blender Cycles crash is dealbreaker for me 🙁

  17. Thank you!!! this is what I wanted to hear, you saved me money. Everyone talking about video rendering, benchmarks and everything but not testing for art stuff or even programming.

  18. Thanks. Apple highlighted Blender support in one of their M1 promo’s according to a recent Blender Today (sorry I can’t remember which). Not sure when or if it’s going to appear before it makes sense to focus on next cycle(s) of Apple Silicon products.

  19. Thank you for this review this was just the thing I was looking for 🙂 It seems like a lot of people are focusing on the good stuff without mentioning the bad. The new m1 chip is a cool leap forward, so now as you said we just have to wait for software developers to catch up

  20. Thanks! Just the review I’ve been looking for! A lot of reviews are catered towards content creators/videographers so it’s hard to get a good grasp of how these M1 chips perform with the art related programmes. I’m also on a look out for new desktop setup to dabble into 3D and animation. My 2017 Macbook is recently struggling to run graphic intensive programmes. Perhaps I should consider pc built this time around.


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