Fixing the M1 MacBook’s BIGGEST Issue!

One of the most common complaint regarding the new M1 MacBooks (including both the M1 MacBook Air and M1 MacBook Pro) is that they only work with a single external monitor. This is regardless of whether or not you use a hub or dock that allows multiple outputs. What’s the solution? DisplayLink, and in this video I’m going to test one of the most popular DisplayLink docks on the market.

Products in this video:
⮕ Plugable Dual 4K Docking Station:
⮕ Plugable Triple Monitor 1080p Docking Station:
⮕ Logitech MX Master Wireless Mouse:
⮕ Logitech MX Keys Wireless Keyboard:
⮕ Dell U2720Q 4K Monitor:

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00:00 Introduction
02:25 Unboxing DisplayLink Dock
04:46 Using with Dual 4K Displays
05:09 Clamshell Mode
06:43 Does DisplayLink Actually Work Well?

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  1. Hi, great video thanks. However I've a problem when I use the "show desktop" shortcut on my mac. When I do this I can't click on the desktop to open folders etc, do anybody have a solution to this? It works again when i close the Display software.
    Thanks in advance.

  2. Thanks bro! Will dual monitors work well with 16GB RAM 512GB SSD M1 Air for stock trading? By stock trading, specifically I mean to mention like 20 chrome tabs running simultaneously? Which are running live charts? It is this specific purpose for which I am looking to buy the M1 MacBook Air. Thanks! Also, I will be using the Dell D6000 as Plugable is not available in India easily.

  3. my 2020 Intel Macbook Air is driving a 43" 4k monitor and the fan runs full bore all the time until I disconnect monitor and use laptop display..Will this Display Link Adapter help that problem??

  4. Isnt the issue actually it doesnt support dual monitor for NONE Apple monitors? I thought i read something like that?

  5. I've tried 6 different USB hubs (none of them were powered, just adapters) and keep getting banding and flickering. How is the resolution for this? Is it sharp or will I get banding like I have with my other ones? This issue even happens with the apple brand adapter/dongle.

  6. I am wondering if the problem causing dual monitors not to work on M1 MacBooks has to do with software or hardware? In other words, is it something that Apple can fix in the future? If not, I’m considering just getting an ultrawide even though dual monitors would be much better for my needs, it doesn’t seem like DisplayLink is a great solution for me. Thanks

  7. I just created this setup with an M1 MacBook Air. Both displays connect successfully but applications like safari and chrome freeze and have the rainbow buffer wheel. The applications continue to run smoothly when the laptop isn’t connected to the external displays. Have any of you encountered this issue?

  8. I just bought one and planning to return it! The iPad Air display has better resolution/color than this MacBook M1! And you cannot load iPad apps into MacBook!

  9. Found this news the hard way after investing in 2 beautiful Samsung 27 in displays. Ended up going with the Plugable UD3900 and with the drivers installed, Both screens went live in extended, clamshell mode. Works perfectly but not without a lot of cables, dongles, and software. Thanks Apple.

  10. So basically i am going to be disappointed when my "Caldigit USB-C HDMI Dock" arrives? So i should send it back and get the "Pluggable Dual 4K Docking Station?"

  11. Can you watch HDCP content (e.g. Apple TV+ or Netflix, Amazon Prime Video) on the displays connected via the DisplayLink docks?

  12. It would have been nice if you went to settings and showed what to select and also showed exactly how you connected the cables.

  13. HI, thanks for the video.
    I am trying to connect my 2 screens with M1 macbook pro using thinkpad usb-c dock gen 2, but the screens are not being detected.
    I have also installed DisplayLink Manager. Any idea how it can work ?

  14. I jus got a desktop hub kind of similar, it has two hdmi ports aswell the brand is bon.elk. I can see that now the two additional screens work or give image, but they tow extra screens are mirror displays; which actually is disappointing since I want to use them separately. Any idea of how can I make the macbook air recognise the 3d screen in the arraignment window? –

  15. after updating to monterey that dont work any more. My HDMI is dead. No matter if i use a dock or the hdmi on my macmini 😉 the monitor is reacting as the "lights turn on" but the screen stays black and leaves the message "signal not found" so I think the signal is no longer transportet – I used caldigit hub no work – i used to cheaper "smaller" docks – no work. I used usb c to hdmi hubs to re-connect the 2nd external screen: NO WORK… so I hope for the 12.1. update… I cant work without 2 screen and i dont want to downgrade due to clean install -.-

  16. So the fix is to spend even more money and then carry around a DisplayLink dock in my laptop bag?

  17. I stumbled into the fix for this. hooking up to an airplay compatible device. I used an old appletv and the issue was fixed.

  18. Hey man, im trying to decide whih of those two monitors to purchase. im going to be pirchasing two for a dual display setup with my macbook touchbar non m1.
    whih one do you recommend? they're vvery similar but i was leaning towards the dell one

  19. I have an 24" Apple Cinema Display and an 27" Thunderbolt Display. Can I make these work with an M1 MacBook Air?

  20. Trying to change my workstation to an M1 macbook and this issue is driving me up the wall….. why did they design this shit like this. EDIT: finally found an explaination on why this happens : "The MacBook Pro M1 memory features a "unified" memory design. Everything comes from that one memory array, with one memory access logic. Many devices are competing for access to the memory access logic, and screen refresh is especially urgent. In this M1 entry-level design, there is no more additional memory bandwidth to support more than the built-in display and one external display up to 6K in size. No additional rasterizer/display-generators can work correctly, because memory bandwidth is limited.

    For many higher-than-entry-level Macs, including most with Discrete Graphics chips, a faster "private" display RAM is used. This allows those systems to support additional displays, because that display RAM is fast and is mainly used for fetching display data.


  21. I see you connect the one monitor into the display port and the other into HDMI. Is there a reason for this or can you plug each monitor into HDMI 1 and HDMI 2 only using HDMI?

  22. Not working for me. I have the Plugable 6950z dock, and 2 x Dell S2817Q monitors. Mackbook Pro, Big Sur 11.6. Neither monitor is connecting. I've tried HDMI and DP cables. What should the settings be?

  23. Lol sure buy a $300 adapter and you too can have basic 2012 functionality! Only fanboy apple clowns put up with this nonsense.

  24. Doesnt work for me. I have HDMI and Displayport through a UTechSmart-Hub. But it the external two displays are both mirrored – so I have the MacBooks screen and two more which are the same. The arrangement tab is only showing one display though.


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