Compared! Dell XPS 17 VS 16" MacBook Pro M1 Max! Most Apple-esque PC?!

I take a close look at the latest 2021 Dell XPS 17 and compare it to Apple’s newest 16-inch MacBook Pro with the M1 Max processor on the inside and the 32-core GPU. Performance is fairly similar but the design of the Dell is almost to Apple’s level! You have to check it out!

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  1. You should compare it to the Dell XPS 17 2021. The 2020 version isn’t good as the last year version

  2. Why didn't you compare the best Apple processor with the best processor available for the DELL XPS 17, which would be the i9 (and not the i7)? It would have made the comparison more fair.

  3. This is not the dell xps 2021. It's rather the xxps 2020 he has and is comparing. The newer xps has an Nvidia 3060 at 70 watts and Intels 11 gen Tiger lake processors. The one he is comparing is the old 10th Gen Intel processors, and the old Nvidia 2000 series gpus

  4. This dude does not have any idea about xps lineup… latest xps 17 has 11th gen Intel and rtx 3060

  5. Everything was going great until I spit out my G FUEL when we got to the screen comparisons, LOL. 1080p??? 🙃Apple's M1 is taking everybody's lunch, anyway, why not at least compare to the UHD+ version? Sigh. Thanks for an otherwise solid video, but it seems unfair to compare this way.

  6. It's worth noting that this is not the latest version of the XPS 17. The latest has an 11th gen i7 and a 3060, which should clearly beat the Mac in the graphics department and get closer in CPU benchmarks.

  7. Well that's not the lates gen xps 17. They are at 11th intel and rtx 30 series GPU. But thanks for the great comparison though

  8. Lol, Intel isn't cathing up to anything anytime soon. I expect amd mobile CPU to perform much better. But AMD is not putting integrating memory in their chip. You really need to read up on the M1 SoC. Intel's GPU is laughable slow. Not anywhere close to 5nm and the expected M2 to be at 3nm will just laugh more at Intel. The efficiency of heat and power draw is key for mobile technology. I'm a PC guy and the new apple M1 is just scary… AMD and Intel really should be worried. That with windows and a very old bios on the software side, it's gonna be a blood bath when the software library grows for native apps on the apple side that takes advantage of the new apple hardware. I expect the M2 to shine even more. Maybe I'm wrong, but buying more apple stock… We shall see.

  9. I have a 16" MB with the M1 Pro and my son has an XPS 15 (9510) with the i9. The XPS is very nice but I think now he wished he would have waited for the 14" MBP. Normally everyday tasks his i9 doesn't always have the fans running but even a small workload will kick them off… still they aren't nearly as bad as most gaming laptops unless he is playing a game with the 3050ti. The build quality is good and typing is one of the best next to the MacBook Pro. If I had to have a Windows machine it's definitely the one I would get it.

  10. The specs for this Dell is the same as my 2020 9700. But I have the 4k touch screen. If your going to compare why use the 9700 specs and not the 9710 with 4k touch and one of the rtx 3000 series? Apple sucks at gaming. Great productivity machine though.

  11. Awful test. Many things missing (battery life test, thermals, noise…) and overall too positive about those crappy Dells, which have awful QC issues btw

  12. The only issue with the Dell is Windows 😂. I’d like to see the charger block this is usually a small brick and no design effort at all. But other than that it looks nice, surprised there is no HDMI…

  13. Poor comparison. Try to do an actual demo for each component comparison to make them believable. Dell = Garbage.

  14. Intel catching up to m1? You only would ask it that way if you want to ignore the fact that Nvidia and AMD already have GPUs and CPUs that are faster than M1 (admittedly not as power efficient)

  15. Intel 10th gen? That's a generation old. Hell, 12th gen is due out in a couple of months… nVidia 2060 is also a generation old. What is Dell doing?

  16. Yo, Andrew, the point of a laptop is mobility, hence, how long can I run it independently on its battery without needing to use the charger (by the way, Apple kills everyone else here). Your review omitted one of the most important criteria: how long does the battery last. I know alot of folks buy these machines to just show off, but I actually get work done on it or watch movies, etc. „on the road“ when time permits. A bit disappointed 😔 that you missed it even in this quick, high–level review. It´s not just about bling-bling, performance and ports….

  17. Fans. It's all about the fans. My XPS cranks those suckers throughout the day and it's actually quite distracting. Even my Intel Macs are quieter under similar workloads. The Dell runs great if you don't object to the noise (or MS Windows).

  18. To me the dealbreakers with Windows laptops are the trackpads and thermals. What use is performance if you have a glowing vacum cleaner-like apparatus on your lap? The Apple trackpads are vastly superior to PC-trackpads. Further- the OS is better at integrating trackpad input on the Mac. Case in point: you cannot scroll sideways in SPSS on a PC trackpad.

  19. Those scores look very low for the dell cpu. And the 2060 was in the 2020(9700) model not in the 2021(9710)

  20. Wait. 10th gen? Those sell for $1500 from Dell right now. The MacBook sells for $2000 more than the XPS. Why is this fair?

  21. Actually even the new Macbook Pro tops the brightness at 500 nits during normal use, so it's not worse or better than the XPS. Where the brightness does kick in is when you're watching or editing HDR content on the Macbook Pro. Then it can go 1000 nits sustained and 1600 peak. It never used 1000 nits during normal use. Otherwise it would absolutely destroy the battery life.

  22. Hey, my 2013 MacBook just broke and I need it for school and I’m having a really hard time getting money and I need a new laptop so can you give me a laptop, not a good one but one that works so I can do work on it.




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