watch os 7.2 beta 2 finally dropped to all developers , meaning that if you installed the new Apple Watch update for WatchOS 7.2 developer beta , then you can go ahead and install 7.2 beta 3. watchos 7.2 on series 3 aswell as on the apple watch SE. watchos 7.2 beta 2 includes new changes to your device such as a new pop up menu! WatchOS 7.2 beta 2 includes bug fixes and improvements aswell! WatchOS 7.2 beta build ends in a ‘c’ this time which is much more better and more stable! Stick around till the end as I’ll give you an overview for WatchOS 7.2 beta and compare it against the WatchOS 7.1 public update! Thank you guys so much for watching I’m Apple-O and I’ll see you next time! WatchOS 7.2 beta 2 bug fixes will also be included! WatchOS 7.2 update is crucial and is recommended for all users if you are on the 7.3 update.
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WatchOS 7.2 beta 2 released – Intro 0:00
WatchOS 7.2 beta 2 update size – 0:40
Apple Watch SE size 1:24
WatchOS 7.2 Public beta version? 1:43
How long will it take to install WatchOS 7.2 beta 2? 1:54
WatchOS 7.2 build number 2:31
WatchOS 7.2 beta 2 capacity 3:07
New changes in 7.3 beta 2! 3:18
WatchOS 7.2 beta 2 bug fixes 3:47
Performance? 4:08
Battery life on WatchOS 7.2 vs 7.1? 4:36
Overview: 4:54 .

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  1. Awesome video
    So this was what you meant by
    ‘Incoming video ‘
    Great work
    You will Be a huge channel one day I m sure 🙂

  2. It seems that I will like the update… Wait, where is the video in the left part of the screen?😅

  3. Good vid, lad. Hope 7.2 releases soon because 7.1 is laggy sometimes on a brand new Series 6 and it’s annoying. Greetings from Peru. 🙌🏽

  4. Hi i’m the first person to comment can I call you the iOS man because you make videos of iOS only I’m a big fan of your videos keep up the good work It’s OK for the delay

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