This New Apple Display Costs $1599

The new Studio Display from Apple has the internet split. Is it even a good deal? In this clip Marques and Andrew go over everything that it has to offer before coming to their own conclusions.

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  1. The Studio Display should reasonably have been a $699 monitor, without the A13 SoC, for the regular Apple users, and they should later have come out with a Studio Display II at $1599 with 120 Mhz Pro Motion and Mini LCD. Just in my humble opinion. As it is now, it is an overpriced 60 Mhz old LCD tech monitor with no real advantages over other $699 monitors, with no HDR, no true blacks, and an unneeded/underused A13.

  2. Having the chip, camera, and speakers in it, makes me think this was going to be the new 27" iMac, and then made some internal decision to never release one, and knocked the chip back to something cheaper, turned it into a display.

  3. I have the 5k Dell, it was €1200 at a severely reduced price in 2016 and is too quirky on MacOS and has too much backlight spill. Perfect size and resolution for my everyday and photography needs though, "glossy" with antireflective provides the best IQ, so I love to hook it up to my M1 Air anyway. I don't care for HDR on the computer, consume such content on my OLED TV, don't produce video and HDR is totally inexistent in the photography world (other than that ugly tonemapping fad from 10 years ago). If the panel they use in this computer is as good or better as the one in the iMac Pro, I'll buy immediately. The only thing they've really forgot about is to add more diverse connectivity, an ethernet connector at the back most of all. Seems like they missed the opportunity to do the same trick as on the iMac's magnetic connector.

  4. Even as a normal I do not feel the Studio Monitor is overpriced for a 5K monitor with all of its options inside the Apple garden world. The LG LG Ultra HD 5K Ultra Slim USB-C Monitor Widescreen LED IPS LCD w/ Webcam – Black – 27MD5KA-B that I purchased because Apple does not have "Store delivery" as an option if you wish to purchase the Studio Display at this time. The cost for LG 27MD5KA-B model is now from $1,319.95 to $1,560.00 on Amazon.

    So get over the price.