WatchOS 7.0.2 On Apple Watch Series 3 | WatchOS 7.0.2 Update dropped yesterday to the public with battery drain fixes, a week after seeing apple watch series 3 WatchOS 7. WatchOS 7.0.2 Update brings a ton of WatchOS 7 Bug fixes to your device! This is my watchOS 7.0.2 review on my Apple Watch Series 3, so make sure to stick around! I’ll also be specifying how my Series 3 has been coping on the latest Version of WatchOS 7.WatchOS 7.1 beta 4 should be dropping next week , many people are seeing this week!

WatchOS 7.0.2 expected to be this week which is why I will be showing you , whats new in WatchOS 7.0.2 as well as specifying how the Apple Watch Series 6 will cope on the latest version! WatchOS 7.0.2 update is available for the series 3 , series 4 , series 5 , Apple Watch SE & Apple Watch Series 6. I’ll also be taking a look at watchOS 7 on the series 3. For those who are asking about watchos 7 public beta , that will be available later on. watchos 7 series 3 should be considered lucky since performance slowed down. This is also my watchos 7 review so make sure to stick to it.
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Want to find out how WatchOS 7.0.2 on my Apple Watch Series 3 Has Been Holding Up? It’s easy.. Stick Around! WatchOS 7.0.1 bugs , issues with the wallet app not accepting some payments! WatchOS 7 has been great overall and I hope that whoever owns the Apple Watch Series 6 , that it is great for them too! 🙂 Make sure to subscribe , I’m Apple-O And I’ll See You Next Time!

Want to learn more about WatchOS 7.1 Beta 2? Click on here!

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WatchOS 7.0.2 Update 0:00
WatchOS 7.0.2 Review On Series 3 0:40
WatchOS 7.0.2 Series 3 Update 1:031:10
WatchOS 7.0.2 Update Size 1:27
WatchOS 7.0.2 Build 1:54
WatchOS 7.0.2 Bug fixes 2:18
WatchOS 7.0.2 Battery and Performance! 2:48
WatchOS 7.0.2 review 3:41

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  1. damn apple still aint release ios 14.1 yet damnnnnn What is apple doing we need the update 1 like = will be here soon🤞🏻🤞🏻

  2. Watch arrived today from Apple. I’ll check this new update to see if it fixes the reboot issue and I’ll keep y’all updated

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