Will Apple launch an M1 Max iMac Pro or and cheaper iMac 27 inch?Well I think both…Let me explain!

Are we going to see an M1 Max iMac Pro and a M1 Pro iMac Pro or just a regular old M1 iMac like designed iMac 27 inch with apple silicon? Well two different leakers are pointing out for two different completely different devices to replace the current Intel iMac 2020 and I think that they are both right, let me explain! according to Ross Young we are going to see an iMac Pro with the M1 Pro chip and the M1 Max chip, MiniLED technology and ProMOtion displays, like the current M1 Pro MacBook Pro and M1 max MacBook Pro! Then there is digitises who believes we will see just a bigger version of the M1 iMac 24 inch but with a 27 inch display! Its quite confusing actually but in this video I explain to you my theory on what’s happening and what should we expect to really come in Apple’s March event! Don’t forget to leave a like and subscribe!!

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  1. iMac Pro later than spring? Too many customers would be totally disappointed by colorful family iMacs in march… I need a fast iMac 27 but will never go for a pastel coloured female type of computer… it just would be against my sense of aesthetics.


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