MacBook AIR 15 – Everything We Know!

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New MacBook Air 15 vs MacBook Air 13 M2 – Our very own concept based on the latest Leaks & Rumors. Release Date, Features & Performance – everything covered.

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  1. I think I might buy a MacBook Air 13 inch since I don't want to wait until Q4 2023 and 13 inch is big enough imo

  2. It would be 14" because then Apple can leverage existing manufacturing capacity. Also, an M2 MBA base model would be 2x-4x faster than my current MBP 15" … Apple is going with "even" screen sizes.

  3. Such a deep and elaborate Review! Im impressed in how short and simple your explanations are. You just get a new subscriber, dude 🔥

  4. I am currently using a late 2019 16-in Pro with the specs mid way through. I would absolutely give up the pro series for this type of design, 💯 IF I can at least have 2TB option.

  5. for the 15 inch macbook air to be thin and light, the screen bezels have to be really thin like what they did with the pro models, personally i think a 14 inch would be nice for the next generation as a starting model

  6. Only I love stevejobs I love apple 🍎 but u really good awesome men 👍🍎🔥🔥🔥

  7. I think you got a lot of things right but the macbook air 15in will be a little bit thicker then it's 13in counterpart.
    You would need some extra rigidity on the body. Don't think you would notice it by a lot but the 14in is a little slimmer then the 16 inch only by a 1/8th of a centimetre but it is.

  8. I would be sooo happy if the glowing apple logo came back 😭♥️♥️ it would be PERFECT ! i miss the glowing apple logo it was so unique and beautiful 🥺🥺🥺

  9. Great content, Daniel. As you always do!
    Thanks for sharing!

    I personally think that who buys a 2022 MBP doesn't really cares about mobility and thickness more than performance. 
    At least they shouldn't. I wouldn't. Just because its proposal isn't mobility but performance. A groundbreaking performance.

    So if a person needs mobility and thinness, he/she would buy an Air, or the previous 13" MBP models, which have good performance and yet thinness.

    I think that Apple did 2022 MBP thicker not just for aesthetic concerns (like instant recognition) but to make the customers feel like it's such a strong machine that they needed to make it bigger. Am I crazy!? hehehehehe

    If these 3D models are right, I'd love to see they in person and even consider to buy one. The 13" ones.

    Best regards!

  10. The only thing I don’t want on the MacBook Air is the notch. I really hate the notch. I’m if those people who get distracted and annoyed easily at such design cues😥😰😨😭😭😭😩😩😩😫😫

  11. My only concern is the DPI honestly. The 16" pro has such a sharp display with 270 pixels/inch that coming back to 220 would be really sad for me. So I hope at least they up the display resolution to get a solid 250 dots/inch.

  12. Question is it going to be the "MacBook Air", or maybe just the "MacBook"? We will have to wait and see.

  13. I've probably already written this under another video but I can't wait for the new air !!! 😍

  14. im excited. i do a lot of traveling. i have a lanovo legion 5 with rtx 3070. the battery life sucks! the speakers suck. ! i might as well get a portable monitor an a jackery power station for my mac mini, im a photographer and i offer restoration service. im always running out of ram on my laptop even at 32gb, my mac mini with only 8gb handles luminar ai an other editing programs i use like a beast

  15. How many years have I said this? I wasted too much $$$$ on HEAVY, BULKY 2021 MBP 16” JUST TO GET A LARGER SCREEN + fast rendering of consumed content. I’m def NOT demographic that needs “processing horsepower”!

  16. Those MacBooks in white are f*ck1ng ugly. Are they being marketed for kids or teenage girls?

  17. The 15 inch air seems like amazing idea. I would still preffer the 14 inch macbook that isn't 2000 dollars. Mabey apple reads this and decides to redesign the m1 macbook pro giving it larger 14 inch display (mini LED 120hz) along with the new m2 (not m2 pro/max). If this is priced at 1300 (8gb/256gb) it would be a laptop that a lot of people would be interasted in.
    Hopefully it will come out beofre the next school year starts….

  18. So I am starting out my YouTube channel and I am currently using a MacBook Air 2017 and editing with iMovie. I am waiting for the M2 to come out, just because we are so close. But I am having a hard time deciding if I should go for the MacBook Air or the entry level MacBook Pro. Can anyone help me out??? P.S, I am also a student in Computational systems, (JAVA coding). THANKS IN ADVANCE FOR THE HELP.

  19. Current gold m1 macbook air is prettier than these rumored white bezel macbook that we r getting. I prefer if they keep the design but give an option for bigger size. New color r welcomed tho i still prefer the original gold one but just pls no white bezel n notch. Come on apple, if u want to give more screen estate, remove the goddamn chin.


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