How to set up and use Apple AirPods Pro

I walk you through how to set up your AirPods Pro, show you settings to be aware of and introduce a few fun features. The AirPods Pro is the biggest upgrade we’ve seen from Apple since the original 2016 AirPods. Core features are the same as regular AirPods, but the Pro version has noise cancellation to block out sound from your environment.

Connect your AirPods Pro with an iPhone, and they’ll also be paired to all the Apple devices currently signed in with the same iCloud account. The earphones have the same basic controls as most headphones, but you can customize the stems to change noise-cancellation modes or trigger Siri.

Perhaps my favorite feature is called Live Listen, which allows you to place your iPhone near someone else and hear everything the phone’s mic picks up through the AirPods Pro. This is definitely a bonus in a loud environment like a restaurant.

For more AirPods Pro tips check out this article on CNET:

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  1. I prefer the tap option because im in canada and i hate having to remove my gloves/mittens. But the good outweighs the bad. That noise cancellation is the best thing ever invented!

  2. Hi thanks for the YouTube it’s very informative but you need to add giving a notice when you leave your AirPods behind there’s an option for that.

  3. Hey how are you doing you forgot a notice when you leave your AirPods behind you can make a sound so you know you have left them , Many thanks for this YouTube , But you need to add this feature many people forget their AirPods Behind

  4. Just received my AirPods Pro! Your video made it so easy to setup and learn about it. The print on enclosed AirPods Pro is super small, couldn't use it at all.

  5. Awesome teach! I am so glad that I bought these. Honestly I have been working with an old LG. I had to duck tape it together. It has finally failed completely after 5.6 years. OK I got my goodies out of it. Was AFRAID to purchase in ear, thought that they would fall out. SO no, they are not falling out. I love that and ear test? Apple should hire You up. NOW?? I just am a total Apple Fan. Many thanks and love.

  6. Thanks! I was at the gym tapping the top of the ear pod. I kept taking out my phone from my bag to change and it was not hygenic. YUCK! This was definitely helpful.

  7. I had no idea I could do all that with my AirPod Pro. I like the way you explain how to use the AirPods without taking too much extra time to give details that are not needed. I'll keep coming to you for directions. Thank you.

  8. my AirPods Pro won’t show up on my find my and I don’t know how to add them to my devices can someone help meee

  9. Thanks for actually showing how to do this. Appreciate it. I looks through several videos.

  10. Helpful, particularly with those ridiculously small, light directions from stupid apple. Looks like you had fun making this, but I could really do without all the silly stuff.

  11. ONE thing shy of perfection! Whats the diff between OFF and TRANSPARENT pls? SUCH a great video. So hard to find stuff "for dummies" like me! BEST

  12. I WAS SO WORRIED WHEN MY AIRPOD SHOWED “not your AirPods” and thought apple sent me a fake device ! 😫😫 hahahaha

  13. Why doesn’t my air pods logo doesn’t look like the shifting logo that it looks regular sitting standing logo

  14. Thanks so much. The only thing is, I can't tell if I'm on Noise Cancellation or Transparency when holding down the long press. Both settings sounds similar. I physically have to look at the phone to see which setting I'm on.

  15. I got mine today, and this was super helpful! I was still trying to tap and double tap like my friend's airpods! This video answered all I had questions about, and thanks for the Control Center and Live Listen pro tip!

  16. Thanks! Just took them out of the box and found your video. All set up now. I have the new iPhone SE but don’t have the “find my” App. Can I add that?

  17. That's a fake airpod pro because that's not how the menu should pop up for the real airpods pro when your trying to connect it the first time ….That is fake

  18. Do you know how to get other peoples AirPods off Devices for good because all I do is delete there AirPods off my IPhone

  19. I got mine today. I was listening music and then took out the right pod and the music stopped. When I put in, music resumed. Same with the left and both together. Nice feature


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