Mac Studio vs M1 Mac Mini after 2 Weeks! Real-World Results..

Is the M1 Max Mac Studio REALLY worth more than DOUBLE the price of the M1 Mac Mini? We Compare EVERYTHING!
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In this video, we tested a BUNCH of benchmarks and real-world performance tests comparing the 2020 M1 Mac Mini to the 2022 Mac Studio with M1 Max

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Timestamps ⬇️
GB5 Single-core & Web Browsing
Geekbench 5 Multi-core CPU
Cinebench R23 Stress Test – 02:43
Lightroom Classic Photo Editing
Photoshop Photo Editing
Xcode Programming Performance
Logic Pro Music Production
Geekbench 5 Metal GPU
GFXBench Aztec Ruins Gaming
3DMark Wild Life Extreme
Affinity Photo Editing
Blender 3D Rendering
4K H.264 Video Editing
H.265/HEVC Video Editing
ProRes Raw Video Editing
8K R3D RAW Video Editing
Fan Noise & Temps
Which Model should YOU get?

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  1. Would YOU Spend DOUBLE the $$$ on The Mac Studio or just buy the M1 Mac Mini?
    Get THIS One ➡
    NEW M1 Ultra Chip T-Shirt ➡
    Like our Wallpapers? Download them here! ➡

    Best deals on M1 Macs on Amazon ⬇️
    Apple Mac Studio with M1 Ultra ➡
    Apple 27" Studio Display ➡
    M1 MacBook Air ($850 SALE) ➡
    M1 24" iMac ➡
    NEW 14" MacBook Pro 2021 ➡
    NEW 16" MacBook Pro 2021 ➡

  2. When you equalize the storage at 1TB, then it's a $900 difference. Then when you subtract the need for a USB hub, then the difference is closer to $800. So for roughly $800 more you get the faster machine with double the RAM and no need for a USB hub. So the real question is, do I need 32GB RAM on this machine?

  3. For me, speed is a non-issue. I'm using a 2013 iMac with a 3.5GHz i7, the upgraded video, 32GB RAM and a 1TB SSD. After going from 16 to 32GB RAM, I found that to greatly improve overall performance while having 3 browsers with dozens of open tabs and pages on each browser, plus additional programs that aren't too RAM intensive. So for me, any M1 with an SSD would be PLENTY fast, but my concern is the RAM. Should I just get the mini with 16GB, or spend the extra money on the Studio with 32GB? Would the efficiency of the RAM on the M1 be so much better that it would be as good as 32GB on my iMac? Again, this question isn't about speed, but about usability.

  4. I stack alot of RAW images in lightroom using HDR and panorama merge, on my old Mac Pro this eats loooads of ram! Will the 16gb mini be enough for me?

  5. Most people watching this, their productivity needs are: watching YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Google and unsavory pursuits.

  6. Just a few months ago you were drooling cover the Mac mini. Now it’s just okay. LOL

  7. Great video .. Love watching your content… I'm glad you mentioned Affinity, that's what I use.. I don't use Photoshop or Lightroom though, I use Capture One Pro.. I still have my iMac Pro 14x, but it does lag compared to my MacBook Pro 16" M1Max 32gb, 4tb which has insane speeds on the ssd. Personally I like the iMac Pro, so I'm hoping it comes back with a M2 chip then I would buy it in a heartbeat but I'm dreaming ! I'm ordering an OWC Ministack STX anyway since I use TB3/4 a lot.

  8. Im still looking at the Max with 64 gb ram and the next level of GPU cores. 1T drive as well. I have mixed needs . Music production and design. I use affinity and Adobe(Only when i have to for clients). Im used to 64 GB ram which is what i currently have on my ancient 13 year old upgraded Macpro 5,1. It still does work but am running into CPU issues with some of the more intensive synth plugins i use. When i design im often bouncing around from one program to the next so the ram is helpful. In music its using sample libraries. They eat up tons of ram too.

  9. On my Mini I had to buy a third-party port expander to get the front facing ports. Add $100. I traded in my Mini and got the base Studio. I absolutely love it. If you can afford it, get it. In six months you'll forget how much you spent but EVERY SINGLE DAY you're going to love the improved performance. Every day. Specs and benchmarks just don't tell the story. The Studio is so much better, even for everyday productivity tasks.

  10. Adobe optimise their software for Windows first, and last for that matter. Their UIs for Mac software are not written in Obj C or Swift, their in common code that is cross-platform, that's just one point at which they don't optimise much bigger impacts on the graphics intensive code. Adobe have been pushing us away from macOS/Apple hardware for decades now, because on Windows they have less products to compete with for one, and just some general, linkering animosity b/w Apple and Adobe probably.

  11. Any serious photographer should be using a Windows pc with a real graphics card. It's a shame that Apple has basically abandoned professionals.

  12. Did you said MacBook Air instead of Mac Mini in the beginning of the video?

  13. I’m sure others have pointed out that in the opening you say MacBook Air instead of Mac mini, lol 😂 omg you are human after all!!!

  14. Sir , Is it possible to connect M1 Mac Mini & M1 Max Mac Studio or several Mac Studios together in a network to utilize all the computing power ? Nice video & Thanks 🙂

  15. I bought the 16GB mac mini and had to return it because it wasn't performing as well as I hoped and the storage was limiting quite a bit. Also very few ports. I think base model studio with certain upgrades that are important (like storage for me) is the way to go

  16. I have a 16” M1 pro MBP 16gb ram – would love to see a comparison between that model and the base studio since the prices are similar. What would the speed gains be?

  17. Lol, I have a question please answer honestly. Why would you be looking at a Mac for productivity in things like video editing? Just about any PC is going to do it way better, let's be honest unless you just flat bought some POS PC from Walmart most any modern PC out there is powerful enough to completely rape a M1 or a studio with zero effort, and PC is compatible with a ton different software options to make the job easier as well.

  18. this channel is absolutely run by apple. they try to get users to buy the more expensive option by making ridiculous upgrade choices. why would you upgrade to 32 gb of ram with a processor that cant use it? the more videos i watch the more i am shure this is at least sponsored by apple.

  19. To put things into perspective re: memory, stopped into the Apple store and checked out the base Mac Studio. At idle and not running any other applications, it was consuming 10gb of memory. Once I saw that, was confident I made the correct choice of skipping the Mac Mini 16gb and going with the Mac Studio 32gb 2tb. Like everyone said, the best model is the one they do not offer and hopefully the Mac Mini M2 has a 32gb option.

  20. Gotta milk those views with every comparison possible. The whole M1 Mini vs Studio boils down to this: Buy what you can afford and enjoy it. That's it, they'll both edit and they'll both do various workloads.

  21. How long will a M2 studio do you think? Will they update at the same time as the M2 mini or another gap??

  22. For video edit can you benchmark somehow how fluent is the video edit process and not the export time? I think the lack of lagging would be much more interesting than the export time.

  23. Precisely. Your comment at the end hit the nail on the head. For now, I’ll just clamshell dock my 16 inch M1 Pro MBP to the Studio Display and wait to see what AAPL does with the Mac Mini before pulling the pin on an M1 Max Mac Studio. Of course, AAPL have made that decision really easy by making 1TB storage on the M1 Max Studio a CTO configuration—pushing availability dates to nearly June anyway.

  24. The only thing I ran short of on my Mac Mini was USB A ports, and both of them have only two. I use one monitor, so I have an extra Thunderbolt. I agree 32 Gb of RAM would have been a welcome option. I bet you paid too much for your hub because you foolishly bought it from OWC. OWC is over priced just like Apple, but with OWC you don't get any more for the money.

  25. Thanks for all those benchmarks – specially real life one. (instead of benchmarks). One thing I'd think would be interesting to see (while I'm waiting for my Studio 😉 is a comparison between M1ultra studio / M1max studio vs a full spec Imac (I9 and 5700 GPU) as I think those studio are supposed to replace Imac and not Mac mini.

  26. No shit!
    The Mac studio is better than the Mac mini. Wow. You think.
    Compare the 16" M1 MacBook Pro Max & the Mac Studio Max with 64gb Ram.

  27. I have a M1 mac Mini, I do photography, Video, Music, The only Gripe is the Ram. I will be looking at the 2 when it comes out. Get fed up of Ram full messages.

  28. I think at the start you said "Is the Mac Studio really worth double the price compared to the MacBook Air" lol. Great review, but that caught me by surprise lol.

  29. 8GB M1 Mac Mini or Intel Core i5-12600k with 16GBRam and Rx 6500xt = same cost. Which should I go for? Please help.

  30. It looks like one important point is being overlooked. It doesn't really matter how many cores you have that can do what is needed to do if the software you are using isn't able to use them no advantage will be seen. Once, or if, the software you use sees the additional cores as usable, the performance of the extra cores should really show their advantages.

  31. Look let’s be honest it’s only a year ago you guys were saying how great the M1 chip was and a lot of people used it for their daily video editing machine until now. Yes the studio is a powerhouse but I feel the M1 was good enough right until the studio came out so will stick with the M1 mini 😉

  32. It's crazy that I live in a world were the Mac Mini M1 is starting to show it's age. You boys don't know nothing about programming on a Timex Sinclair 1000 with 16K Ram expansion kit, loll lol lol lol lol

  33. In the next video can you do the full comparison of the Samsung Galaxy book 2 pro 360 vs M1 MacBook Air?

  34. $670 for an M1 mac mini on amazon right now is absolutely insane, such a powerful machine. There isn't really much justifiable reason to get the studio for anyone on a limited budget.


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